SMH “Sci-Tech” Top 3 of 03/09

Time to rant..

As someone commented on the first story: “Slow news day?”

Seems like it.

Here are Friday the 3rd of September 2010’s top stories:

  1. God did not create universe: Hawking
  2. Mother’s worst nightmare: Facebook won’t shut down stalker
  3. Judge orders juror to write five-page essay after Facebook post

Story 1:

Without a doubt the comments section is buzzing – the title is pretty self explanatory. Stephen Hawking in his new book concludes that God did not create the Universe etc etc..

Well he better have his flame shield ready.

P.S. on a personal opinion I reckon that those religious people who are jumping on the comments and bashing others should not be so defensive, be a little more open-minded.

Story 2:

So some stalker has been posting threats on a mother’s Facebook page with her 12-year old daughters’s Facebook account which was hacked by the stalker.

First question should be why the daughter has a Facebook account at all.

There is a reason why a lot of these sites (including e-mail) discourage children from signing up; because it opens up a nasty world to them.

One of these days, parents should be as worried as their children entering the cyber-world as they would when they’re out partying till 3am every weekend.

Story 3:

So some lady in Detroit has jury duty the next day, what does she do?

Goes on Facebook and posts: “Actually excited for jury duty tomorrow. it’s gonna be fun to tell the defendant they’re GUILTY. :P”


FYI – she was 20 years old. If a 20 year old will do stupid things on Facebook, why would you let your 12 year old daughter have a Facebook account?! GAHHHHHH!!


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