What Japanese Spouses are Googling About Each Other.

Confusing title? Haha.

Anyway I stumbled across this blog post (so source goes here) which I found particularly interesting because on the drive to work I was thinking:

Ah.. wouldn’t it be nice to have a Japanese girlfriend?

Anyway, the post is pretty much about phrases that Wives and Husbands Google with regards to their respective Husband/Wife.

Having said that..

Top searches for Wives about their Husbands (i.e. when they type in “夫” – rough translations to English):

Ordered by count:

  • I hate my husband
  • “Husband depressed” or “Shoot my husband”*
  • Unemployed husband
  • Husband’s spending
  • Husband’s average spending
  • I wish my husband would die
  • How to call husband
  • Annuity after deceased husband
  • Husband verbal abuse
  • Formalities regarding husband’s death

Top searches for Husbands about their Wives (i.e. when they type in “妻” – rough translations to English):

Ordered by count:

  • Present for wife
  • Wife – not yet registered
  • Ranking of presents for wives
  • “Wife depressed” or “Shoot my wife”*
  • Birthday present for wife
  • Liquor for wife
  • Ranking of birthday presents for wives
  • How to call wife
  • Hysteric wife
  • Wife humble language

*Note: the “or” is due to the word “utsu” which could either mean depressed or to hit/shoot/strike etc.. To be honest I think it’s more of the “depressed” than the latter.

I remember being asked if I preferred a Tsundere or Yandere (of course not all Japanese women are like that – it was an anime/manga discussion, geez), an interesting comment was “Go for Yandere; if you don’t piss her off you’ll be fine!”

Haha I don’t think I’d want to take the risk anymore.

So.. any takers? 😉 I promise I won’t Google shooting you, but I might for present ideas lol!

Have a nice weekend everyone.


One thought on “What Japanese Spouses are Googling About Each Other.

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