StarCraft II: GSL2 Thoughts and Predictions.

Don’t know if anyone here is following closely to the TeamLiquid thread which has a  list of all the qualified, non-qualified, and yet-to qualify players.

But in light of how GSL1 concluded I thought I’d share a few thoughts and predictions (with some bias :P) on how GSL2 will go.





So despite Zerg’s shortcomings and the awesome timing of patch 1.1, GSL1 steered away from the seemingly inevitable TTTT semi-finals (and finals) and even came out with a Zerg champion, Cool, aka Fruitseller(Fruitdealer).


Got Fruit?


As for GSL2, well the qualifiers have been under way already (I think it’s day3 today), so far some notable qualified and non-qualified players are:

Zergs (Z):


  • IdrA

Did not Qualify:

  • Artosis – like Hans said, too much commentating, not enough practicing lol.
  • FantaPrime (JulyZerg) – I think so anyway; but yeah.. pity, 1/3 of the anticipated BW players out already.

Terrans (T):


  • Loner – one of the two Chinese players that qualified (his teammate Luffy didn’t).
  • ManofOneway (Boxer) – excited to see him in tournament.. for him to come out of progaming retirement, this is gonna be great.
  • Hyperdub – the player who cheesed out TLO in GSL1.. well let’s see if he can bring it again.

Did not Qualify:

  • Liquid`Jinro – again..
  • TorcH – for being absent; did he rq the country?
  • LiveForever – another absent too.. made it to Ro4 in GSL1, pity.
  • Maru – for knocking out CellaWeRRa in GSL1 and being a 13 year old!

Protoss (P):


  • sanZenith

Did not Qualified:

  • anyproPrime – made it to Ro16 in GSL1.

Well noticeable for me anyway – it’s interesting to note that most of the qualified players did not participate/qualify for GSL1.

Still a lot of GSL1 players that have yet to qualify (and a lot of others such as NaDa).



OK so.. who do I think are the top contenders for the championship?

First and foremost I’m hoping for a Terran victory, despite all the nerfs.

Having said that:

  • ManofOneway.
  • NaDa (because he’s been training with Yuri from SNSD LOL!).
  • HopeTorture (Rainbow)

If Terran cannot do it, then between Zerg and Protoss I’m putting my hand up for Zerg:

If a Zerg was to take it:

  • Cool – do I need to say more? It would be interesting to see him take on ex-BW players.


I think there are only three this time (so far?) – TLO, IdrA and Loner.

  • TLO should be able to get through to Ro16 – I’m hoping for higher, but seeing the way he’s been handling TvT lately.. the same Thor + Hellion harass.. I don’t think it’s been doing THAT well for him to be honest.
  • IdrA should be able to get through to Ro16 this time, maybe Ro8 because of the nerfs, but it depends on his attitude I suppose – no doubt he would’ve been training like a psycho.
  • Loner, I’m hoping for at LEAST Ro32 for him, it’s good to see a Chinese player in the tournament, maybe we’ll get to witness some different play styles :).


Just for some other players:

  • CellaWeRRa – hoping he gets through to at least Ro16, his streams are extremely enjoyable, but I’m not sure about how effective his play style will be, at least Maru isn’t here no more – HOLY CHECK!
  • Check – please get to Ro4 haha, you so angry.
  • Spunky (oGsLeader) – I’m hoping for Ro32, hopefully he’s been practicing more after GSL1, awesome forcefields.
  • Ensnare – should get pretty far into the tournament, curious to see how he’ll deal with ex-BW.
  • InCa – actually I wonder how he’ll fair up now that Protoss received that training nerf, hmm..

Should be epic, Terran hwaighting~! Aja! Aja!!


4 thoughts on “StarCraft II: GSL2 Thoughts and Predictions.

  1. Hans says:

    I realised that Lyn’s not a Chinese player, haha… It’s actually Loner… But they’re both Terran so doesn’t really matter. Also I doubt both NaDa and ManofOneway will be true contenders to win GSL2 based on recent replays I’ve seen, but who knows.

    Are you talking about patch 1.2 nerfs, or 1.1? Because if you’re talking about 1.1, then it hasn’t really affected the qualifying rounds, since more terran made it through than any other races so far. But if they implement everything they said into patch 1.2, then that’ll be more interesting.

    • sukari89 says:

      Well bugger, anyway will edit that – I’m referring to 1.1 yeah.

      I thought about it though – the low number of Zergs qualifying could also be relative to the amount of Zerg players who actually entered.

      I would’ve imagined lower Zerg players trying in general.

      • Hans says:

        Yea, but looking at the number of each race that didn’t make it: 4 zerg, 3 terran and 4 toss (not including those that didn’t play) and looking at the number of players that did make it: 5 zerg, 17 terran and 10 toss, that’s 55% zerg, 85% terran and 77% toss. Note that these are only the notable players, i.e. players that are actually good. So if you say that everyone mentioned are somewhat at a similar skill level, but higher percentage of terran made it through, then that could be saying something.

      • sukari89 says:

        Hmm yeah I see what you mean – well maybe Zergs dont need to win in numbers as what Cool proved lolol.

        Should be interesting nonetheless.

        Would’ve been much better if July made it, any idea who qualified from his bracket?

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