[Vector] Yagyu Jubei ~ Hyakka Ryouran (Day 1).

Contemplating whether or not I should shut down my other blog and just put everything here..

Shall see how I feel after this project.

The screenshot I’m using for this vector:

Yagyu Jubei in the OP

It’s actually a pretty low-resolution screencap to be working with.. hmm =/

I’m really liking this anime’s art style, I feel that the thick outlines is a pretty good transition for me from mecha to people..

Been trying to do this “properly” (i.e. no-stroke).

As for the effect.. maybe I’ll think about it afterwards, but most likely I will leave that out – it’s suppose to be a stock vector anyway.

I think I’m going to run into trouble doing the shadows and rope.

Anyway.. what I’ve gotten so far:

Day 1 - Hair, Head, and Right arm.

On second thought, the effects might be interesting to do.. we’ll see..

So sleepy now haha.


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