Myself Vs Myself

Had the opportunity to meet with a couple of old friends yesterday, one of them being my (apparently) favourite blogger, “E”.

I had a great evening last night catching up over a few games of friendly Badminton and a very long fast-food meal (~2 hours).

It was great to see old friends again, it really is. It’s kind of sad when you have to focus on personal commitments (whatever they may be) and priorities get altered. These past few years I have mainly been spending my off-time (e.g. spare time) with the same usual friends out of convenience; easier to contact, easier to organisation, easier to find similar times, etc etc..

Guess where?


Time to take a trip down memory lane and have a deeper and somewhat more meaningful post.

Being me of course, I have to incorporate my interests (games) into the blog :).


Oh the amount of (sadistic) hours I spent..

I remember playing The Sims for the first time; a bachelor who was living in a 2 bedroom flat.

I can’t remember his name, but I spent so many hours making him the perfect.. it seemed to be going so well too. One night (in game) when he was sleeping, he got out of bed because his stomach was grumbling. So logically he goes to the stove and starts cooking. But he was in a bad mood and very tired so inevitably the stove caught fire.

Luckily the smoke alarm went off and a firefighter came. But for some stupid <swear> reason, the firefighter died in the flames. Then my guy died…….

Anyway, the reason I mentioned this is because I remember making a friend the first time in The Sims, a help tip said something along the lines of:

Remember to keep in contact with your friends or it will hurt your relationship.

So time to time you would need to call your buddies to check up on them.

Well the game was modeled after real life (to an extent) so it really hits home, and perhaps I could’ve done this better with my other friends. I feel that I have let a lot of relationships drift a bit far apart.

I suppose in a way I am worried; I realised over these few years that I am the type to get carried away by certain commitments – namely study and work. It will definitely be something I need to watch out for in the future.

I’ve been wondering about something for awhile now:

Is everyone’s closest friends generally from High school/University? I look at my dad and mum’s friends and I’d say ~80% this is true. If it is, all the more important to maintain and strengthen these relationships :P.

Thing is, after so long, I wonder what were my friends’ new-first impression of me – was I any different? Am I still the same? Is this good/bad?

Superficial, maybe. But I’m a bit curious to see whether or not I’ve changed over these years, and how.

I should sleep.. thoughts are not really stringing together properly.

On a light note – Kaichou wa Maid-Sama chapter 56 is out :).

P.S. “E”, remember how you said ages ago before you threw away MSN that it was great that after so long we could still have close conversations? I agree, it is very great. It’s great to be able to still be “myself” (the “me” now) around you (and any old friends who I haven’t seen in a long time) and still have a laugh/good time.


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