Mass Effect 2 Finished!

Erm.. so I started playing Mass Effect 2 like.. ages ago, importing my character from Mass Effect 1 and then stopped for awhile too (formatted and couldn’t be bothered to re-install due to Uni and pure-laziness etc etc).

But a few days ago I reinstalled it with my retained save files (prudence :)) and finished it off; I didn’t realise I was pretty much on the last few missions already.

So here are some thoughts + the ending I got – SPOILERS BELOW so do not keep reading if you do not want to be (partially) spoilt!

So first of all.. I remember when I first started Mass Effect 1 and realised how weird it felt – feels like a third person shooter, yet.. it’s not! Took awhile to get my head around that. I also realised that I missed a lot of relationship building stuff (+ side missions).

Mass Effect 2 was much easier to play compared to the first one, partially because I got around the fact that it wasn’t (and wasn’t suppose to be a third person action shooter) and the fact Bioware really fine-tuned the stuff. Yes, there were less variety in weapons/armour but things were just so much easier to handle and manage.

I really liked that they removed the “overheat” infinite ammo system with a proper ammo-reload system, makes it feel nicer and more solid. It also felt like my shots were doing more impact; unlike the first game where it would just appear as like a laser dot (fade-in and out).

Anyway.. I approached Mass Effect 2 similar to how I approached Mass Effect 1; as a jerk (for the most part), gotta love those renegade conversation options. But a lot of choices still pulled my heart strings and it ended up being like 70% renegade and 30% paragon.

I also focused more time on the relationship building – getting all the possible squad members (no DLC) and earning their loyalties. My character is male so I focused my relationship development on Miranda – who wouldn’t?

And so here is my ending (“Suicide Mission”):

  • No one died in the debris field in Omega when being chased (ship was properly upgraded).
  • Jacob died (rocket to the face), didn’t like him anyway – made him go through the ventilation shafts to open the door.
  • Mordin died because he was part of the ground team – CG, out of my control (probably should’ve selected him to do something else?).
  • I blew up the damn place (+ a lot of paragon) – The Illusive Man is shifty as, do not like him.

Looking forward to Mass Effect 3. Wonder if I should replay Mass Effect 2.. Realised how stupid that “charge” skill is for Vanguards – so useless in the end because if you “charge” an enemy you’ll end up dying to Seeker Swarm lol.

The Mass Effect 3 trailer/teaser looks great! The “Everyone dies” ending is also pretty funny. The critical mission failure because you “mate” with Samara’s daughter is also hilarious :P.

What was YOUR ending?


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