Friend vs. Lover

This isn’t going to be about whether or not friends can become boy/girl-friends.

Work is kinda dying down at the moment. With the festive holidays approaching and a large proportion of the department on leave as well as the factory being closed till January’11, there just isn’t that much to do.

(Maybe I should’ve finished up earlier, damn you hindsight!!)

Today’s post is brought to you by this picture (I know Facebook likes to pull pictures from my WP when it parses the RSS feed sometimes): 

Buzz Lightyear is (made in Taiwan) forever alone.

Anyway, so I was reading around the interwebs and random people’s blogs as I do time to time. Came across a lot of posts to do with relationships.

So I came to wonder.. and I wish to open the question to my (if any :P) readers:

When you’re in a love relationship (boy/girl-friend, engaged, married, etc etc..), what comes first, being a (best) friend or a lover?

My personal answer is the former, I feel that if I was to be with someone I should be able to be their “rock” whenever they need it. Feels like more often than not we come across bumpy situations and it’s always relieving to be able to share these moments with someone close.

If you are with someone aren’t they suppose to be able to share (close to – just in case I get flamed :)) everything with you?

Perhaps I just feel that it’s within my “responsibility” – I would want my better half to be happy and would do whatever is in my power to cheer them up. A lot of times it’s a very good feeling to know that they’re also willing to share their pains and troubles with you.

But reading around it seems that some relationships work the other way around – lovers are lovers, and troubles are not (that often – flame preventation) shared. E.g. if X is sad, rather than Y getting involved and asking what’s up, Y will leave X to get better (e.g. talking to friends.. I suppose?).

Anyway! What are your thoughts? Which should be first? Care to share some stories/examples? 🙂

Will be posting a year in review sometime and in case I forget:

Have a Merry Christmas everyone!


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