2010’s Tops.

I thought about doing a written year review.. but I decided against it because I realised I’d just be repeating what I posted before (the corkboard). But in light of today (New Year’s Eve), I shall do a post for it :).

I decided I’ll throw down a couple of personal “tops” for 2010. Any sort of category I can come up with.

Ready? Let’s go.

So a few of my favourite things in the world — gaming and anime/manga. Let’s start with that.

None of the items in the lists are in any particular order (unless specified).

My Favourite Games in 2010.

Of games that I played in 2010 — all consoles.

  • NBA2k10 and NBA2k11 — I’ve probably spent a majority of my gaming hours on these two games; NBA2k11 replaced NBA2k10 around October. [Xbox360].
  • Mass Effect 2 — finally got around to finishing it, I’m not hardcore in the sense that I’d want to try get a high completion % for every game, but Mass Effect 2 was great enough to want me to complete it as possible. [PC].
  • StarCraft 2 — not much to be said here really.. Terran 4 lyf <3. [PC].

My Favourite Animes in 2010.

Of anime that were released (and watched) in 2010 — TV series, Movies, and OVAs/OADs.

  • Durarara!! (デュラララ!!) — possibly one of the most unique series of the year too. I hope they get a second season considering the manga and novel are still going (actually I hope they get an official English translation on the novel).
  • Amagami SS (アマガミSS) — I enjoy a good love story, and Amagami SS gives a few of them without the need to drag the story on. Loved it and loved the execution.
  • Angel Beats! (エンジェルビーツ) — Probably a bit biased since I have enjoyed pretty much everything Key has produced; Angel Beats! was no exception.
  • Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai (俺の妹がこんなに可愛いわけがない) — I am never going to memorise this title, it’s just so friggin’ long. I wish the anime itself was longer too though.
  • K-ON!! (けいおん!!) — That’s the second season of K-ON! see what they did there?
  • Suzumiya Haruhi no Shoushitsu (涼宮ハルヒの消失) — I waited almost all year to watch this movie, and boy was it worth it. Hoping for a season 3 in the series.

My Favourite Mangas in 2010.

Of manga that I readin 2010 — not as up to date with manga as I am with anime.. so yeah.

  • Good Ending (~グッドエンディング~) — has been good so far, though it has started to drop a bit, let’s hope that it’ll  hold up for 2011.
  • Kure-nai (紅) — started reading and caught up within a day, argh why does it release irregularly :(.

So what’s next… hmm.. Since I’m currently listening to music:

My Most Listened to Songs in 2010.

Based on estimations of course, not like I keep count!

Next.. YouTube videos since I have a tonne of favourites.

My Favourite YouTube Videos in 2010.

Well videos that I found/watched in 2010 — as some may know, I have a lot of favourites.. so I’ll just throw some.

(Always love a bit of rage.)

(Broken Wear~!!! Oh nice train.)

(Oh Guile’s theme..)


Shall keep it at that.

My Favourite NBA Highlights in 2010.

I usually just watch the highlight videos (especially since One has gone HD only).. so here we go.


(JR takes flight.)


(Oh Nate.. I love how they made this into a separate clip.)

(Rudy’s gamewinner in Lebron’s face — “YES, YES, YES!!!”)

(Well Dwight had to appear on this list eventually, might as well be this one.)

(This kid is going to have a great career if he avoids injuries.)

Time for a video-free one.

My Top Upsets in 2010.

Well not personally, but just stuff in the world that I somewhat care about :P.

  • World Cup 2010; Japan v Paraguay —  Ro16, Komano’s (3) crucial penalty kick in the penalty shoot-out hit the cross bar and missed. Japan loses to Paraguary 3-5 during penalties. Their chances of advancing was good.. great defensive team. Gunbatte for 2014!
  • SlayerS_`BoxeR`much anticipated participation of GSL2 — Knocked out by IMNesTea in the semi-finals.. kind of disappointed at how he played those rounds too, but oh well.. Also the fact that Terran has not won a GSL despite being “OP”.
  • Australia rejects the R18+ game classification rating — Again.. despite the large public support; the damn administrative panel/board who made this decision are very one-sided and share same/similar ideals, grr..
  • SCAnet went offline.. and there hasn’t been any update from Husky or HD 😦 — but I’ll remain hopeful.

Think I’ll wrap this up, getting a bit long.

My Anticipated Games for 2011.

Just two (or possibly one).

  • Diablo 3 — hopefully Blizzard can try to stick to their dates :P.
  • Mass Effect 3 — oooooooooooh yeah.

Have a G-R-E-A-T day everyone! Stay safe, don’t drink too much!




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