Acknowledging Ex-Flame(s).

Might just be my personality but time to time I have dreams (with sound and technicolour as Bonnice would say) that involves past/current relationships.

Some people feel that dreams may sometimes reflect one’s mind/feelings..

I suppose I’d throw a quick question out for everyone.

Acknowledging an ex-flame.

Personally I acknowledge (e.g. if someone asked) all my past relationships, whether they were good or terribad. I personally believe that I always will – why hide them anyway?

So the question to you is.. would/do you acknowledge ex-flames despite how great/bad they were?


One thought on “Acknowledging Ex-Flame(s).

  1. AppleofDeath says:

    People are like kaleidoscopes, not all of the little pieces you put inside are necessarily pretty by themselves, but when you look inside it’s quite wonderful.

    All past relationships, the good, the bad, and the freaking terrible all become a part of who you are. Personally where I’d draw the line is when the other person starts pestering me about every little detail ever.

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