“Normal” Everyday Life.

How did everyone spend their Saturday evening? (Yes I am aware that it’s Sunday now – 2:10AM, but I only came up with this entry idea after sitting in front of the TV for awhile).

Mine was a fairly quiet one; after dinner I was reading the first book of Haruhi and after awhile I decided to put that down and doze off a bit. Falling asleep with the lights on.. something I think I’ll never get use to.

Just before I start – Congratulations to Kobe Byrant for becoming 8th in career points.

Lakers v Hornets (7th of Jan'11)

Alright, on with the post..

So I was downstairs watching a bit of TV. I flipped to a channel that I usually don’t touch (Lifestyle YOU) as the (somewhat apparently controversial) program on was one called “Wife Swap” (UK). I decided to find out what it was out of curiosity and just because I was bored I suppose.

Well as the title suggests, two (very different with regards to lifestyles) families “swap” wives for 2 weeks (I think..) and get to experience a “different” everyday life from their “normal”.

Usually these are very extreme, e.g. swapping a wife who has a 15/16 year old daughter who works at an adult bar with her husband with a wife who home-schools a 9 year old daughter who works on a farm with her husband and rarely goes “into town”.

Anyway this isn’t going to be about the show because I’m sure everyone will have their views on a show like that hahaha.

But the show did get me thinking, about everyday life and what we consider to be “normal” since it’s such a relative thing that we seem to often take for granted. But so many factors seem to lead to this routine/lifestyle. How we were brought up.. our past experiences (positives/negatives).. our personalities etc etc..

I was quite amazed to see that some families still have a strong “men rule” type household – I’ve never really seen one in this day and age before (reality TV/real life) but it’s still quite eye-opening. I’m not one that would judge it, but if it would make me feel uncomfortable if that’s how I was treated I suppose since I’m just use to helping out. As mum says “I’m not the only one that lives in this house.” (這個家理不是自住我一個人 – think I got that right, ugh..) and it’s really a fair point, thus everyone in the house shares the load.

Thinking about it, no matter how “advanced” the world becomes I believe that socially in a household there will be some sort of role/responsibility defining for each member. These roles/responsibilities would vary depending on each family and how they’re “run” I suppose.

Mm.. to avoid being sexist etc.. rather than giving general examples, I’ll list some of our’s (roles/responsibilities):

  • Mum: parent, mother, “source of income”/”breadwinner” – whatever term you’d like..
  • Me: brother, “father figure” (to Albert), son, become independent (financially/everyday)..
  • Albert: brother, son, get through University, stay away from trouble (lawl)..

Just some very surface~y examples.

But it’s always an eye-opener to see how different families operate; really opens the world!

How about your families? Are you happy/satisfied with the “roles/responsibilities” you have as a member of your household?



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