Taiwan Trip ’11 – Day 1.

Erm.. so yeah today (it’s 11:11PM at the moment, finally had a shower and unpacked everything after a loooooooong day) we landed in Taoyuan Airport around 5:30AM local time (GMT+8).

Towards baggage claim..

Our plane back at Sydney was suppose to take off around 10PM AEST but it got delayed so yeah.. arrived at TW late too. Quite a bumpy ride; fair bit of turbulence and didn’t get much sleep.

So our first stop was at my aunty’s place for a quick breakfast and rest before the loooong day began.

Let me first say that it was windy and rainy all day with the average temperature being around 6~8 degrees Celsius – I can usually withstand such coldness but the wind chill was so unforgiving..

Anyway first up was all you can eat hotpot! In this weather? Yes please!


All you can eat hotpot! Everyone gets their personal hotpot too.

And then Robin did this..


One shot; noodle shot.

So then we took a bus to our next destination near Taipei 101, on the seat in front of me..


Messages on a bus.

Anyway the next part is going to be about this Teppanyaki place which is actually “lighter” and uses “Rose Salt” for a lot of their seasoning.

From my last trip to Taiwan back in 2009 I have really come to respect Taiwan Teppanyaki because it borders fine dining, unlike Sydney where it is more playful.

First was a light soup, the salad thing in the bg is an onion/fruit salad - I used it to refresh the tastes between dishes.

Pre-Teppanyaki 2: A very interesting bread.

Pre-Teppanyaki 3: Some sort of salad that needed to be eaten in a particular order.

So while we were having our 3 pre-dishes, our Teppanyaki chef was steaming these - not 100% sure what it's made of, but it consists of things like.. apple.. a type of flower.. a type of melon.. ginger etc..

Very nicely steamed mushrooms, even had juices inside mmm.

Very nice prawns 🙂

A lot of dishes were served on this plate because the left side of it was some grated Rose salt for seasoning.

Think for mains you choose Seafood, Beef (other meats?) or Vegetarian. So this was the Seafood main.

Vegetarian main.

Scallop I think?

The Rose salt that the chef was using during cooking.

Beef main 1/4 - wrapped with this mustard and mint/herb.

Beef Main 2/4 - this was wrapped with some garlic, not sure how the garlic was cooked/prepped.

Beef Main 3/4 - This one was um.. fish eggs? Not sure haha.

Beef Main 4/4 - This one was with Foie gras.

Look at these eggs! So well rounded..

Chef didn't add anything but some salt to season. Almost looks like pancakes! Smelt sweet too.

Want to take a guess what this was?

Part 2 - what's under there? 😉

Popcorn! nom nom nom, sweet too~

Anyway that was pretty much dinner in short.

I’ll finish up now since I should really sleep.

Taiwan in 2011 is celebrating their 100 years of er.. kind of like Australia’s Federation I suppose?

Taipei 101 @ night; will try get a better picture when it's not raining so much.

Done for day 1! Creeped into day 2! Ack!


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