Taiwan Trip ’11 – Day 2.

Alright quick update for Day 2.

Got woken up around 8ish by Mum telling us to get ready because there were a few errands to run for her “medicare” and Albert’s passport renewal.

So we started with a quick breakfast near the apartment where we’re staying.

Breakfast - egg "pancake" with hot milk tea šŸ™‚

Anyway then it was a morning of running around.

It’s so messy the way these administrative things are setup.. crazy packed. Anyway it’s nothing tourists (should) have to deal with :P.

We had lunch at Sheraton Taipei with mum’s old coworker and her family (buffet mmmm~).

Buffet @ Sheraton Taipei


The "roast" and "noodle" area.

More food...

What I've always loved about this buffet - their dessert range.

Dessert area.

Sushi, cold meats, seafood area.

After lunch we went to a few department stores like SOGO and Hangkyu and got some new clothes.

Art display outside SOGO.

Japan’s UNIQLO opened their first branch in Taipei, man was it packed (and it was only a Monday too).

Supposedly they have REALLY nice cotton.

A lot of counters..

So as we were leaving and whatnot, got a glimpse of Australia~

Nicole Kidman's Omega line.

Also got some Ba Gua :), nom nom.

Weather has been better today! Hope that’s a positive outlook for the rest of this trip.

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