Taiwan Trip ’11 – Day 3.

More so a free day today.

Albert and I killed some time wondering around Ximen.

All photos were taken with my phone (HTC Desire HD) today because I couldn’t be bothered taking out my camera.

Entrance to Ximen shopping district.

Maid cafe~ but didn't visit it haha.


Got like a mini Japanese shopping district haha, expensive and small shops.

Didn't know Taiwan had TGI Friday haha.

Afterwards we went to some underground malls to do some more wandering + arcade basketballing lol.

Underground mall~

Poster of Yuki :P.

For dinner we went to a restaurant which was established in 1895 or something; a lot of Japanese people tend to go to it. Probably some history there.

Nick Chou gave his two thumbs up (the poster is signed by him with the comment).


Some of the side dishes.

Sidra - the best 😉

Main - noodles.

More sides~

Supposedly this fish is so hard to de-bone that it requires a license lol.


Rice~ nom nom.

I’m predicting more food and wandering tomorrow haha.

Night 🙂


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