Taiwan Trip ’11 – Day 4.

Slow start today.

Mum had to have a checkup on her knee so Albert and I took the opportunity to rest up before the afternoon.

So.. how did we handle breakfast? With style of course:

Hotdog from the cornershop "FamilyMart" (which was a 7-Eleven 2 years ago).

Anyway found something interesting in the MTR station today; for the female toilets they have this “guide” outside:

Tells you which cubicles are out of order/occupied/empty haha.

Oh, before I get to the bulk of today’s entry, check this out:

Giant Pocky!

Like a breadstick.

So tonight I just want to share with everyone a pretty unique and nice restaurant near SOGO @ Zhongxiao Fuxing – Cha Cha Thé:

Restaurant front.

Essentially this restaurant is also a tea house, so you could come for morning/afternoon tea as well as buy their tea leaves/merchandise. Price ranges from like 790NT + 10% to 1090NT + 10% depending on which set (divide by ~30 to convert to AUD; around 27AUD to 37AUD for a full 3 course meal).

Just a quick glance at some of their stuff.

Wall made of "tea bricks" (Pu-erh).

There were 4 set menus with options for Mains and teas - I had the High Mountain Oolong.

Bread to start.

Their "Cha Cha" Salad.

Soup of the day; not sure what it was but it was very good - Cream of Pumpkin w/Corn or something...

I chose chicken for my main.

And again (Albert's photo was blurry).

Albert's main - a vegetarian Fettucini.

My dessert - a cake with their special cookie crumbs wrapped in a Crepe.

Albert's - Green tea Tiramisu with their special cookie crumbs.

Mum made me take a photo of their toilet basin/decorations =_=.

Anyway I need to shower so yeah.

On the way there.

Night 🙂


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