Taiwan Trip ’11 – Day 5.

Biiiiiiiiiiiig day today, a lot of photos which needed to be selected/cut (originally 150).

In short today featured a visit to a very unique and nice restaurant near the top of one of Taipei’s smaller mountains (Taipei city is essentially in a “valley”) then a visit to Taipei’s International Flora Exposition and topped off with a quick visit to Shilin’s nightmarkets for some quick shopping.

Restaurant on the mountain.

The weather was pretty disgusting today, gloomy and it rained most of the time, but oh well.

Anyway the day started with a visit to Acer HQ as mum wanted to visit some ex-coworkers. That meant a trip to the last stop on the blue line for the MTR and then a taxi ride.

The reason I mention this station is because it’s currently featuring a lot of Jimmy’s art in the station:

Different characters from different stories.

So apparently in the TW Taxis you cannot bring your car/motobike inside haha =P

So after meeting up with a family friend, we had to drive up the mountain which took awhile.

Despite the restaurant being almost literally in the middle of no where, it is VERY popular and very had to book – pity that it’s not really for tourists since it’s so hard to get to haha.

One of the many entrances.

The place featured very nice scenery all around.

Before our meal was served.

This restaurant is actually quite old. The family friend who brought us there has been going to this restaurant for more than 13+ years. During this time, the set menu price has never changed (1000NT +10% service per head) but the menu has been tweaked slightly (it’s different according to the season anyway). Recently it has moved locations as the previous location (mountain as well) was leased.

Source of heat 🙂

First - a "fruit" drink consisting of strawberries.. passion fruit and some other stuff. Note the flowers on the dishes.

Cold entree; left is like seaweed, then tofu with peanut (very good) and chicken with bamboo or something

Egg soup with mushroom and clam I think..

There was pumpkin, clam and a sushi-like thing.

A fruity vinegar-y drink to clear the taste of the last dish as it had seafood (has a bit of wine).

Tempura-like dish. One was a tempura-pumpkin and the other although it looks like tofu, it's actually meat haha.

Next dish was a bit sushi/sashimi-like in appearance.

Similarly a drink to wash out the taste of the last dish.

This was probably my favourite; had some vegies, a mushroom and a ball of glutinous rice with salami.

Their special soup (see video on my facebook), the dried flower opens ("blooms") when placed on the chicken soup :P.

Dessert 😀 Fried Mochi!

So the rest of the day was kind of a “speed” run for a small portion of Taipei’s International Flower Expo due to the poor weather and time constraint I suppose :P.

One of the many entrances.

Some exhibition.

Some of Japan's exhibition.

Some of Thailand's.



Not sure :P.



And again.

Taiwan's - I should've went in, dang.

Surprised Hawaii gets their own.


Hong Kong's.

The mascots.

Bonsai exhibit (outdoors as indoors photography not allowed :().

Look at the colours.


And another~ (suppose to look like a Rabbit)

In summary 😛 Since there was like 80 different ones.

Turned dark quite fast..

I noticed these benches were a bit weird, realised they were shaped like books!

More plants with funky lighting :P.

Didn't get to visit this one 😦 featured Jimmy's art.

And again.

Some rare plants~

More rare plants haha.

Arranged displays..

Arranged displays..

Arranged displays..

Arranged displays.. =P

Succulent plants~

And more cacti.


Alpine plants - they actually cooled the room down to around 5 degrees.

And again.

Old rich family house :P.

There were some other great exhibits too but I didn’t get a chance to take photos.

Afterwards we had a vegetarian dinner at Shilin and then went to the nightmarkets.

Albert got some new basketball shoes and I got myself some new cross trainers, yayer~ 1:15AM, goodnight!


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