Taiwan Trip ’11 – Day 7.

Once again the day was split in two’s.

I spent the earlier half of the day with Albert at Danshui for lunch – small things as we have not had the chance to visit Danshui yet.

Dinner was with my eldest aunty’s family and my second eldest aunty and uncle along with a family friend, and mum and Albert of course.

To celebrate my eldest aunty's birthday 🙂

Anyway so.. Danshui~

This one is for you Wing, skill testers 😛

First - fried shrimp rolls.

Second - "Stinky" tofu, well a different style of cooking it.

Third - Albert's ice cream.

Fourth - fried calamari/squid.

Some of the views~ cloudy day though.

Wing's absolute FAVOURITE...

Fifth - Taiwan-style Takoyaki.

Busy streets~ well kinda.

Albert went to try the BB gun shooting thing.. and won this LAWL.

Sixth - Fried Mushroom 😉

We had dinner at this restaurant, it was vegetarian as my eldest aunty is vegetarian.

On the way I said to Albert that the biggest “beef” that I have with vegetarian restaurants (get the pun? ;)) is that they don’t tend to spruce up their joint.

Damn, this restaurant proved me wrong.

The menu~ was a set menu.

Rosemary (soft)breadsticks with dip to start.

Appetizer, eat from right to left haha.

The salad I chose; fruit salad with yogurt, the jellies with the fruit was a really nice touch.

Not sure what soup was the one I chose xD but it was goooooood.

Pumpkin soup.

My cousin's vegetarian calzone.

My mushroom-pasta bake, mmmm.

One of their pastas..

Different type of pasta~

Mum's main, looked so nice. It was a special type of bamboo or something hmm..

Close-up of the stuffed tomato.

Complementary small dish of their rice.

Albert's chocolate-cheese mousse.

My panna cotta~

Ice cream with black sesame jelly.

Mum's flower jelly.

And of course.. a birthday cake :P.

Anyway.. going to be heading down to Chia Yi around 4pm (7pm AEST) tomorrow, will try to update when I get there.. not sure if I will be able to – might have to do one huge update when I get back to Sydney on the 31st.

Goodnight 🙂


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