The Disappearance of a Community.

It’s been almost three(3) months now since SCAnet (StarCraft Arena) has been offline.

I have tried to be as optimistic as possible throughout this time.

However I think it’s about time I pull the plug on that hope.

Although I’m not an avid user of the site itself, I was a pretty regular participant of the forums.

SCAnet to me had a great community that unfortunately did not have the proper care from Administrators that it required which ultimately led to its downfall.

Despite that however, I enjoyed my brief time there; I found myself often absorbed into the many meaningful discussions as well as flaming/trolling stupid ones.

This forum and its community helped me through slow days at work and helped grow my interests in SCII.

I met a lot of interesting people, a lot of funny people, and a lot of stupid people. But they were all part of this community; one which I enjoyed being part of.

But just like that, on December 21st 2010 it disappeared without a trace.

No one had any forewarning, nothing.

There was an eerie blank emotion as my browsers returned with a blank page as I typed the usual website into their address bars.

My attempts to get answers were also disregarded by the creators.

I started to notice that during these months without SCAnet, the users who I normally communicate with on a (almost) daily basis were just cut from my (virtual) life.

It’s almost as if the community never existed, but you have these memories of it being real.

It’s about time to let it all go.

It was fun while it lasted.

Hope everyone is well.

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