For Granted.

Had a very interesting information session today at the end of work.

Amex, being a company who pride themselves on their fantastic service this resulted in a few discussions.

When it comes to the merchant side of the equation, Amex is a company that tends to be attached with surface-drawbacks such as higher discount rates.

Then there is the category of companies who swear that they will never do business with Amex. Even if we make special provisions for them, they will flat out refuse and show you the door.

This makes me wonder whether it was because someone or something soured their experience in the past so bad that they never forgot it.

But then that begs the question, “Is it human nature to never forget sour experiences or those who have done you wrong?”

I think about examples like with myself, friend and family. I know I definitely have a few bad experiences in the past or people I’d rather forget but am unable to. I know my mum can still name people who have damaged our family.

It’s these things that we never forget; the bad stuff. Why? Is it because it’s human nature to take everything great for granted?

Perhaps it’s just the natural way to prevent making the same mistakes again.

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