NBA Play-Offs Eastern Conference Predictions.

With the NBA Play-Offs starting on the 16th of April 2011 (well, 17th for us :)) along with the fact that the Eastern Conference first round matches have been locked in.. it’s time to put some thoughts down.

In the past I didn’t really find the Eastern Conference that interesting. But with the post-All Star weekend trades and drama around the league.. It’s going to be a hell of a play-off this year!

Eastern Conference

So the seeding 1 to 8 are:

  1. Chicago Bulls (last season ^ 8th seed)
  2. Miami Heat (last season v 5th seed)
  3. Boston Celtics (last season ^ 4th seed)
  4. Orlando Magic (last season v 2nd seed)
  5. Atlanta Hawks (last season v 3rd seed)
  6. New York Knicks (last season -no seed-)
  7. Philadelphia 76ers (last season -no seed-)
  8. Indiana Pacers (last season -no seed-)

Match-ups and thoughts are:

CHI-Bulls v IND-Pacers

Season Series: CHI[3]-IND[1]

I don’t think there’s too much to say here to be honest (and unless you’re a Chicago hater/Indiana lover you’d probably agree!).  Bulls are entering this looking very strong and motivated, the jump from 8th seed in the ’10 play-offs to 1st seed is not by chance. Chicago to win 4-1.

MIA-Heat v PHI-76ers

Season Series: MIA[3]-PHI[0]

Would be nice to see the Heat knocked out by the 76ers; food for thought. I’m tempted to say 4-1 win for the Heat, but I’ll give the 76ers a bit more credit. Heat to win 4-2.

BOS-Celtics v NYK-Knicks

Season Series: BOS[3]-NYK[0]

I’d love to see the Knicks advance through further in the play-offs, especially with the likes of Melo, Chauncy and STAT. But the way they’ve been on/off and the fact that Boston has swept the season series doesn’t help my confidence too much. Feel sorry for Chauncy! Don’t worry, you’ve had a taste of championship before :). Celtics to win 4-1.

ORL-Magic v ATL-Hawks

Season Series: ORL[1]-ATL[3]

Interesting that the Magic have lost the season series; suppose they’ve been up/down this season too. I think for first round series in the Eastern Conference this match-up will be the one to watch out for. Magic to win 4-3.

And now we wait.. !

Go Bulls!


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