NBA Play-Offs Western Conference Predictions.

Today marks the last day of the regular season for NBA 2010-2011 and the Western Conference seeding seems to be locked in too.

So.. similar to my last post, time to go through with my thoughts etc etc..

Western Conference

So the seeding 1 to 8 are:

  1. San Antonio Spurs (last season ^ 7th seed)
  2. Los Angeles Lakers (last season v 1st seed)
  3. Dallas Mavericks (last season v 2nd seed)
  4. Oklahoma City Thunder (last season ^ 8th seed)
  5. Denver Nuggets (last season v 4th seed)
  6. Portland Trail Blazers (last season = 6th seed)
  7. New Orleans Hornets (last season -no seed-)
  8. Memphis Grizzlies (last season -no seed-)

The Western Conference has been quite interesting this time around because of the trades (namely the Denver-Knicks trade and OKC-Boston trade), J.Sloan’s sudden retirement, Phoenix not making the play-offs.. Memphis making the play-offs..

Match-ups and thoughts are:

SAS-Spurs v MEM-Grizzlies

Season Series: SAS[2]-MEM[2]

Well.. the Spurs are looking incredibly strong this season, just a matter of how strong they’ll be in the play-offs. But history will have it, they are a pretty strong play-off team. As for the Grizzlies (especially without Rudy Gay) I have this feeling they’re just going to get rolled over. San Antonio to win 4-0.

LAL-Lakers v NOH-Hornets

Season Series: LAL[4]-NOH[0]

The Lakers are good, and they’re going to go crazy in the play-offs. Hopefully Bynum will be OK and the rest of the Lakers will stay healthy in the play-offs. Chris Paul has come back this season (as he was injured most of the last) and has really re-lifted the Hornets. But I don’t see them getting further than this. Los Angeles Lakers to win 4-1.

DAL-Mavericks v POR-Trail Blazers

Season Series: DAL[2]-POR[2]

Dallas always seems to look good and do well in the regular season, but for some reason when it comes to the play-offs, they choke. Why!? On the other hand, Portland can be quite a scary team.. LaMarcus Aldridge has been so good this season and they also have Gerald Wallace now.. bwaaaah!. Portland to win 4-2.

OKC-Thunder v DEN-Nuggets

Season Series: OKC[3]-DEN[1]

So everyone knows that Denver has been doing really well since “the trade”. Denver is still my western team 😉 and so I will still be rooting for them. Having said that, I’m also kind of worried that the Thunder will be too strong for them especially since acquiring Perkins.. and Nene doesn’t seem to like Perkins :P. Denver to win 4-3. (please!!!)

Can’t wait :).

Go Nuggets!

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