Forbidden Fruit

Realised that’s it’s been ages since my last post..

So what’s new for me?

First of all, moved into new place 🙂 settling in quite well too. But I do miss Cherrybrook.

Work has been alright too. Funny though, compared to the me in university, I never would’ve really seen myself as an ‘early’ person.. I still need to rid the bad habit of sleeping so late. I should really go for the full 8 hours hah..

So, mum is overseas now taking some cooking classes as part of some government-supported initiative.

Kind of gives me a (re) taste of what independent life will be like. Turning 22 this week.. everything seems to be happening so fast, it’s kind of scary.

And amongst all this change and new experiences, I meet my forbidden fruit who, no matter how sweet, I just can’t touch. I should know that, but..


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