Cleaning Out.

So.. as some of you may know, I’ve been dropping by the “old” house (now – still feels weird saying that) in Cherrybrook every weekend to help mum clean/pack.

Today was mainly old computer stuff (back to like floppy disks and Zip drives man, ZIP DRIVES!). Fun fact: the Windows 95 driver for the Canon Bubblejet printer that we (still) have needed ~8 floppies.

Of course there were a few sour/bitter spots I didn’t really want to clean until later, I mean you know you have to clean it.. but you just avoid it until last or near the end.

A lot of these of course would be memory-provocative items.

Well that was that part of the house..

So.. I needed to clean my room (no one is going to do it for me, especially at this age :().

My room is pretty much cleaned out, I just have a few clothes left in my closet and bunch of stuffed toys (YOU HAD THEM TOO AS A KID, I KNOW YOU DID!), and my bookshelf.

I have most of my bookshelf cleaned out, just some (text)books left and some miscellaneous things like greeting cards.. ah I kept so many over the years.

Birthday cards from when I was 12 years old (year 7), Christmas cards, and other random cards.. like Chumpy’s “You smell.” valentines’s day card.

I went through those and did a bit of culling.

Next I promised myself that I would go through the one box which I’ve kept sealed for awhile now.. that one box had a lot of old stuff – good memories which led to sour ones.

But I have to clean it, I have to clean it all out.

Maybe I’ll stop at some.. but they all have to go. Apparently guys like to hold onto things, well perhaps it’s time to let it go.

P.s. your small box of shiny stars opened and they fell all over my floor.

P.s.s. sorry but they have to go into the bin now.



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