Snow Trip 2011

So like, I’ve been really slack when it comes to updating.

I think I just haven’t found anything interesting to talk about.. but at the same time I’ve been itching to talk about something! But I don’t want to risk writing up a blog post for the sake of writing up a blog post. Haha..

Anyway last, last weekend we (Chump, Wing, Nik, Fred, Pat, Kim, and I) went to Thredbo.

I went snowboarding for the first time; this should be good enough for a post (not like any of them wrote anything about it)!

Ahh the powder (shaved ice more so)..

So anyway, have I seen snow in the past? Yes, when I was in year 3 and like 8.. or was it 9.

Ever skied/boarded before? Skied, yep – not very well, kind of just climb up a slope and go down it – year 3.

Have I skateboarded before? Yep, not very well.

So needless to say I was quite excited but quite anxious too (thanks Wing for uploading all the photos)!

Only Fred skied.

So anyway, going into this whole thing, my initial thoughts/assumptions about snowboarding:

  • It’s going to be EZ. EZPZ – ok I kid.
  • Going to fall on my backside a lot – true.
    • Didn’t quite consider the knees but ¬_¬.
  • It’ll be similar to skateboarding – LOL.
    • The whole idea of having to either put all the weight on your heels (kinda) and toes.. that too ages to understand.
    • Snow build ups on the board = faceplant.
Actually thinking back, I didn’t really have many assumptions, but in a way I was kind of worried about my wrists and hurting my legs in case of a bad fall. But managed to avoid all those so that’s all good (thanks Hans for lending me the wrist guards!).

Gotta sneak in product placement time to time.

After like the first 15 minutes my feet were burning in pain – I was using muscles I never knew I had! Being able to sit down/fall over was really nice sometimes, ugghhhh so sore.

What a boss - headphones and all.

Saturday was great, we were blessed with great weather all around. In fact it was quite hot after awhile! The stupid choice of wearing too much, gr!

Great weather.

All in all, day 1 was generally pretty good. Managed to get through the very beginner course and the other half of the day on the next level slopes – very enjoyable. Even managed to start getting off those stupid ski lifts without stacking it as much!

Something about this makes me snicker every time.

Day 2 was a bit more brutal – weather and condition-wise. But also because we spent a few runs on that stupid “traverse” part.. so flat I had to take off my board and walk so many times haha.

Brisky; at least the scarf was more helpful today.

Haha sometimes it got really hard to see, just boarding down a slope and not being able to see 20 metres in front of you is kind of scary. But it ended up clearing up near midday anyway so that was ok!

Eventually I got down this slope without falling as much...

Having said that:

I was usually behind, so I think this was the only one that was caught on photo haha.

And like I said, we ended up getting some better weather in the end!


Oh and probably one of the most interesting sights:

Nice, hope he didn't wreck his suit!

Once again guys, thanks for a great weekend.
Hoping it’ll end up being an annual trip :).

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