Ignorance in IT.

OK, so this article titled “Rudd giveaway gripes: students slam ‘slow’ laptops” was published this morning on the Sydney Morning Herald website (source: http://bit.ly/oLGKif).

Essentially, the article is about how the Lenovo Thinkpad Mini 10 NETBOOK is too slow for students.

Mini 10'sSo in short, the article is pretty much saying that their just not up to speed anymore.. um.. but let’s put that in context a but, quote:

Microsoft Word and OneNote work OK, but Vignando says bundled multimedia applications like Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver and video-editing tool Premier Elements run at a crawl.

Seriously? You didn’t expect that?

A quick search would tell you the specifications of this little “beast”:

CPU: 1.66GHz Intel Atom 450
GPU: Intergrated Intel GMA x3150

That alone should tell you that you won’t be using this to do other stuff then to run the Microsoft suite. Apparently not.

That’s not really my gripe with this article – it’s one thing that students/schools reckon they could stretch the taxpayer’s dollar for some hardware which was intended for basic use, but what’s really annoying me is how in the comments of the article.. readers are trying to turn this into a political argument.

How can you blame the ALP (or any political party) for this?

Just a bunch of parents complaining about how their kids are either:

1. Too slow to run higher-end software.

2. Too distracted because they don’t control their kids properly (i.e. their marks are dropping because they’re playing games with it).

It just bugs me when people who know almost nothing about computers try to argue about computers!

If you just did a quick search online you’d find all the information you need; you’d find that Adobe CS4 recommends AT LEAST 1.8 Ghz to run the software and that the netbooks only have 1.66Ghz.

Heck, if you weren’t busy crying over the SMH comments section, you’d also realise that netbooks are not meant to be used as powerhouse machines.

My Yr10 Daughter has one of the ThinkPads and would agree it is a paperweight now. Was used a lot in the first year, but is now used for homework and in class work now. Complains a lot about how slow it is. She uses an Ipad for all other access and we bought a MacBook for my son (in Yr 8.)

Perhaps it’ll help if you put it into context:

  1. It’s a netbook
  2. It’s been 2~3 years
  3. It’s probably been abused by your kids
  4. What was its original intention? Games/Multimedia?
Here we go again a media beat up and a mother who wants to publicize her website. Then we have the labor haters who always want to denigrate all spending on education. And what does Photoshop have to do with education anyway? Try reading a book about history you will learn more that manipulating a picture in Photoshop.

Oh, Ps. I heard that if you go to a Catholic school, they give you a Macbook.

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