Obligatory Post – 18-09-11

Ooo it’s been almost exactly a month since my last post!

And from the looks of my last post, it seems that I managed to survive one of the busiest months!

I suppose I should just talk about what’s been up; time to pour thoughts down as they come because it’s a Sunday night and I haven’t been feeling too motivated to do anything today ~

First of all, Happy 23rd Birthday to Hans “Dice” Hadiardja for yesterday!

Slicing the cake with a spoon. Boss.

I reckon we should start a group tradition to have the birthday cake in random parks at night – screw having them in the restaurants/cafes!

Ermm.. alright so I have a week left in this current rotation at work before I move back to my last rotation! Quite excited since I know most of the people in that team already :), should be good. Heard they’ve been lining work up like crazy in the last 2 team meetings ¬_¬.

Mum went to Taiwan on Thursday so it’s going to be a 2+ month period of being self responsible again! Bangers & mash for dinner. Every. Night.

I think I should start to use my weekends more productively, but it’s so hard after a long week of work! I don’t know how people do it :(.

On the plus side, in the last month I’ve managed to finish reading 2 books(!!) – I don’t think I’ve ever read so fast before haha.

The books were: BioShock – Rapture (free advertising to BookDepository for their free delivery; see what I did there?) & Murakami-san’s Norwegian Wood. Both were really hard to put down, even for me! Really helps with the everyday train commutes too; especially since I usually have to stand in the mornings and evenings haha.

Any BioShock fan needs to get their hands on that book.

Everyone else should just read Norwegian Wood.

Also, order from BookDepository – they’ve been so good lately! I ordered like 4 different books in one of my orders (they ship individually) and 1 of them didn’t turn up, so I just emailed them and got some prompt responses, after awhile I just requested a re-send and they did so without hassle! For free!

Ahh it’s kind of ironic at the moment – I usually struggle to get through books (for those who have observed my bookshelf closely, they’ll notice that 2 layers are for games (PC and Xbox360) and 1 is for books.. those in the that layer are either not read yet (Haruhi series & Spice and Wolf series xD) or have a bookmark in them about half way through the book (oops!) which I have to take out and start from the beginning again anyway since it’s been THAT long. But I’m actually getting through them slowly..  at a cost but.. at the cost that the games I am buying are not getting touched :(.. I still have 2 games in their plastics from 2~3 months ago! WHY!?

Speaking of games, it’s going to be a good end-of-year and good next year for games!

What are you looking forward to?

For me (no particular order):

  • Battlefield 3
  • Modern Warfare 3
  • Gears of War 3
  • Mass Effect 3
  • NBA2k12
  • Diablo III (wishful)
  • StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm (wishful)
On that note, stuff that I’ve touched on and still crawling to get through:
  • Deus Ex: Human Revolution (sorry Rowan, I tried to be as stealthy as I could.. but I just couldn’t do it! Guns blazing all the way)
  • Dead Island (though I feel it’s probably more fun with friends/co-op?)
  • Eternal Sonata (still nicely plastic’d..)
  • And a whole bunch that are still waiting to be installed =________=
For those who have played a bit of the new Deus Ex – this article from SMH: http://www.smh.com.au/nsw/fears-of-more-attacks-after-rampage-20110915-1kbwy.html. In one of the introductory missions you get to choose how you want to approach it.. and you get weapons depending on your choices. I decided to go “Non-Lethal” and “Close Range” (because I’m like so nice etc etc) so I got a stun gun. I hope SMH doesn’t find out about this – otherwise they’ll link Deus Ex: HR to this incident!!
I’ll just end with a meme:

He never asked for this.


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