Labor Day ’11

I think for NSW this’ll be one of the last long weekends until Christmas.. (just confirmed on Google!).

Since I’ve been out of University I’m starting to lose the meaning of “productivity”. Like people would ask me on Mondays or something – “.. did you have a productive weekend?”, i.e. “did you get much study/homework/assignment done?”. But now it’s like that’s no longer there!

Productive in the sense that I got through a lot of games/anime/dramas/reading? 😛

Unfortunately even if it is measured in that way I’d still probably fail ¬_¬.

So what did everyone get up to this long weekend (and planning to of course)?

For myself ->

  • Gears of War 3
  • Battlefield 3 Beta
  • Catch up on sleep (so much so that I had a dream I woke up today [sunday] @ 5pm — worst nightmare)
  • Basketball training
  • Cleaning the house ¬_¬
Can’t believe mum has been overseas for 3 weeks already! Ahh I need to learn more dishes to cook!
I think I should start planning my holidays a bit better now.. I have this short list of places I want to go in the back of my head, I just need to actually.. GO to them.
Enjoy the last public holiday NSW’ers!


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