Breaking Online-Real World Barriers.

Did anyone else catch this week’s episode of How I Met Your Mother? It touched on an interesting topic in quite a humorous way – the fact that almost everything about our (private) lives are out there for the world to see.

I suppose if you want to be more specific it also touches on the fact that privacy is almost non-existent too.

But anyway, what I found interesting the way they showed this:

Kind of looks like a sandwich board.

Something came to mind after I finished this episode; an idea (not claiming that it’s original because it’s probably not) if you will. I’ve recently discovered that for smartphones there are now Augmented Reality apps, e.g. Layar, readily available and in some case free. I think that some of these apps are also user contributed, you can see the benefits and uses though, e.g. users could use it to find certain shops.

But yeah, the screen grab I posted pretty much made me realise that.. someone could easily just combined augmented reality with some internet feeds / social network feeds and facial recognition (you can’t hide from it, it’s coming.. only a matter of time). A user could just wave their smartphone camera over a stranger and within a few seconds (or never if you’re with Vodafone) and voila! His/Her details will just appear above/over them.

I remember one of my friends on Twitter re-tweeted some comment about it’s most likely possible to use augmented reality on the phone to help pin-point the person you’re looking for – think Sims (the green crystal above your Sims’ head). And you thought Google Latitude was stalker-ish :P.

The green pointer!

But I think it’s pretty common knowledge not to put stupid stuff about yourself on the Internet nowadays anyway; once it’s up there it’s up there forever after all.

Soooo.. who is going to make this app a reality — see what I did there?


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