Morning Routine.

Did everyone have a good week? Been quite nice to see some houses and Churches lay out their decorative lighting already!

I will still remember in Year 11 Multimedia when I was shown this:

Not only was it mind blowing, it was friggin’ distracting too! Mesmerising.

There’s always something nice about seeing the lights go up – I’m too lazy to invest the effort though ^^”. Do you / does your family put up lights? Anything crazy?

Anyway I digress, I’ve been thinking lately that I’ve been neglecting this blog for awhile now. It’s true, the number of posts in 2011 vs 2010 is dramatically less. But then again.. here I was, sitting here, spinning in my chair and listening to old Chinese pop (梁山伯与茱丽叶 — good song btw ;)), and thinking about what to write about.

Pretty futile, so I ended Googling a topic generator — yes they exist! ref.

So the original topic given was “Spending too much time getting ready in the morning”, I thought to myself.. I normally only take 10 minutes to get ready in the morning (I don’t usually shower in the morning – prefer after work) so maybe I’ll just talk about routine. But before that.. obligatory clip:

First of all, there’s probably a few factors to keep in mind about me, 1) I’m quite a routine person. 2) I can be a morning person (I say this loosely because it still comes down to how late I sleep! For example.. it’s 1:31AM at the moment).

So on a normal workday my sleeping patterns are probably a range of something like.. 12AM -> 7AM / 7:15AM (snoooooze), sometimes 1AM -> 7AM.

Do you have a morning routine?

I don’t really have a special one like “jump out of bed and do 20 star jumps”, but thinking about it, I realise that I do seem to have one, subtly but. Usually the morning is split into 2 starting scenarios:

Event A -> I wake up before the alarm (bad dream / bad sleep)

Event B -> I wake up on the alarm

Maybe I’ll just list everything down, hopefully it won’t end up too messy:

  • Start A -> Wake up before alarm:
    • Go back to sleep and wait for alarm
      • Alarm goes off, switch off & get up
        • Switch off back up alarm & get ready (dressed, brush teeth, wash face etc etc — oh and fix up bed hair ¬_¬) <- END
      • Alarm goes off, switch off & wait for back up alarm (+15mins)
        • Switch off back up alarm & get ready (same as other scenario except maybe with a bit more urgency ^^”) <- END
    • Switch off alarm and get out of bed
      • Switch off alarms, check phone / emails & get ready (same as above) <- END
  • Start B -> Wake up on the alarm:
    • Pretty much similar scenarios as above – either get up straight away or wait for back up

I don’t really trust myself in the mornings; it’s probably also the most easiest time to persuade me. But there are a few things I do to make sure I don’t slip up too bad.

  1. Keep all my pocket items in 1 area (wallet, keys, work ID, earphones, book(s))
  2. Always back my bag the night before (I did this throughout Highschool & University too) — especially if the next day is Basketball day / night!
  3. Have my work clothes selected the night before
  4. Keep the alarm far away so I need to actually get out of bed to turn it off (for critical mornings only)

Oh and FYI:

Generally this seems to work out fine for me, at least 2011 has been fine.

I remember in 2010 since I was working part time and studying on the days I wasn’t working there wasn’t really a fixed schedule for mornings / nights. Sometimes I’d have to stay up late and sometimes I’d have to get up very early (was definitely not good for driving!). I realised that I could hammer out Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday OK with early wake ups like 5:45AM / 6AM, but because of this.. no matter how hard I tried, I would crash on either Thursday / Friday – it’s like my ears just block out the alarms.

Haven’t really had that this year so maybe it was just the whole study + working combo.

Having said that.. I’m going to go to bed or I’ll keep watching YouTube videos.

Ps. Sad for Leenock 😦


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