AdiPure Trainers – First Impressions

How was everyone’s Monday?! Mine started off OK then got a bit hectic, but that’s OK, it’s gone now haha.

At the same time I’m feeling happy for Sen who got 3rd at NASL again, but sad at the same time (damn you Day[9]!! :P).

Alright, so, a few packages arrived today which was some super positives :D, within these packages I’ve been most looking forward to trying on the AdiPure Trainers.

AdiPure Trainers (Red)

As I’ve started taking running a bit more seriously this year — gym / City2Surf etc.. I’ve wanted to get myself a pair of barefoot runners. I’ve had a look at the Vibram FiveFingers and I was going to get them too. But then I saw the announcement on these from Adidas.

For those who don’t know, I like Adidas basketball shoes and I’m quite comfortable with their shoes. I don’t like to change brands a lot because of I feel that there’s generally a consistency with brands. E.g. my last last pair of runners was ASICS and so were my last brand ^^”.

Anyway.. first, some quick common questions (that I asked too):

  1. Socks? No.
  2. Ankle support? No – more on this later.
  3. Waterproof? Same as normal runners.
  4. Padding? Some – the bottom is hardened.

I did some research when I was looking into the FiveFingers with regards to barefoot running. I mean, common questions of course would be like, “Does it hurt?” etc.. through my searching I found out that it’s actually a more natural way to run (we didn’t always have shoes right??). In fact, it seems that more often than not, wearing runners sometimes makes people run by having the heel hit the ground first (i.e. heel striking). I’ve personally never had that habit but you can imagine that if you ran like that with no shoes.. that would definitely hurt.

So the natural stride is suppose to be hitting the ground with the balls of your feet first. It also works different muscles (lower legs).

So, how did they fair? Good timing since my knee is allowing me to run again!

Despite all the ridicule I got from my lovely friends on Facebook:








(Asses :P)

Anyway, so it’s important to remember / know that the bottom of the feet contain a lot of pressure / acupuncture points so the running session will feel different. I read some reviews that said some people can’t run for more than an hour at a time wearing them because their head starts to hurt. I personally didn’t experience that today (ran for about an hour).

But I did notice that I sweated more, like it was the same amount of effort and I could get through the hour with little problems (short breaks to ease up on the knee).

But they felt good, running in them didn’t feel too different compared to running in normal runners. They will definitely become my dedicated runners from now on. I will just need to find time to test them outside at a park or something :).

Oh, the other thing is that it takes a bit of time when first wearing them, because your toes tend to stay together – they need to be separated. I’ve read that our toes were naturally suppose to be separated, but because of the shoes we wear they tend to get use to being together :O.. Interesting. But yeah, got over that obviously, otherwise it would’ve been like running in bound feet.

That’s my take, if you’re into running, why not give them a try? Fix up the runner stride and protect those precious knees!!

Thought I’d share a little something special 🙂

See the bookends? 😛


😀 :D! So many possibilities..

Alright, that’ll do! Have a great rest of the week!

Christmas soon!

6 thoughts on “AdiPure Trainers – First Impressions

  1. Interesting! I didn’t realise Adidas released those – I love my Vibrams though – what made you get the Adidas ones besides you liking the bball shoes?

    • sukari89 says:

      Umm well I’m quite confident with their make (they don’t seem to “run narrow” like Nike — I have wider feet) and I didn’t really get a chance to try it physically (bought online). But yeah, because I feel that brands tend to have a consistency in their make, I was more comfortable getting them :).

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