The Train Station.

Think I’ll quickly nut this out during my lunch break before I forget.

Two days ago I was having a really hard time sleeping because I think the temperature suddenly rose rapidly during the night. I woke up a few times and found it really hard to fall back asleep.

Apparently your most lucid / vivid dreams are those you get when you wake up and go back to sleep again (i.e. the ones that cause you to oversleep).

Well I had one of those (yes it felt very real too) about a mysterious train station (might be because of the poor train services the last couple of days — ahem, CityRail).

So let’s see how much I can remember (yes I dream in colour, sound and apparently ‘feel’ — at least I think so LOL).

Michigan Central Station

image source: here

Dream was pretty much set around a train station, not sure if it modelled any ones I’ve seen before in real life.. All I really remember was that it was an underground station, perhaps underground-metro style like what you see in Operation Metro (from Battlefield 3) or Max Payne.

Kind of like this - without the guns / soldiers

Well that cold-tile feel anyway.

I don’t think there was anyone from real life that I knew who were also featured in the dream, apart from myself har har.

With all the randoms there, there was however, one girl who would be another “main” of the dream I suppose (bear with me, I’m trying to make it sound not too tacky).


From what I can remember.. we were running, straight from the beginning the two of us were running.

We started outside, in a city square surrounded by a bunch of tall lamps. The lighting from these lamps bounced off the ground giving it a glossy look.

I remember there being some colourful flower beds which helped in decorating the city square, which seemed to have provided it with some “life”.

That was the thing but.. it just seemed so lively outside. This lively night.

But there was only so much I remember because the two us were running. We passed by a few familiar faces who I think greeted us. Why did they know us? They sure didn’t look familiar to me.

I wasn’t even sure what we were running from. I remember turning back and there was definitely no one chasing us. Then what? Then why?

At some point, one of us decided to go through an “emergency-only” looking door. I don’t believe that we knew it was there, I still don’t even remember why we walked through it.

We were still running..

After going through the door we were immediately faced with a corridor with lit by an irritating flickering light. The door shut and locked behind us. The stark differences from this place and the city square were almost exactly the opposite.

It was cold. Dead cold.

It was then that we realised that there was no way to open the door that had been closed behind us. What was eerie was the fact that we felt hallows of chilly winds coming from the other end of the corridor.

Eerie, yet guided by our curiosity (and apparent need to keep running) we continued down the flickering corridor.

I don’t remember much of the corridor itself, perhaps we were too busy running?

At the other end of the tunnel the lighting improved slightly, but the main difference was that it was definitely much colder.

The two of us exited the corridor and looked around, we realised where we were – on a train station platform.

This underground train station seemed to be abandoned, cracked tiles and broken benches. The platform itself was empty, there was no train in sight. But it now became obvious where the chilly winds were coming from.

This left us with an apparent problem. Where do we run now? I remember our hearts dropping realising the situation we’re now in.

I remember the two of us running back through the eerie corridor, hearts beating fast and short of breath only to be greeted by the heavy “emergency” door.

I remember the two of us slamming our fists on the door hoping someone in the city square will open it from the other end.

I think that’s when the fear kicked in. The fear that we had to go through the corridor again, continue running from whatever it was we were running from – not even sure now if we could be able to ultimately get away.

There we were, back at the platform. Left or right? Both ends of the tunnel seemed identical. How do we choose?

Now that I think about it, there seemed to be a gap – I don’t even remember which side we chose to walk through. It’s probably not even important anymore..

After traversing down one side of the tunnel we finally came across an old derailed train. But that was the end of the line, for some reason there was no more path in front of this fallen train.

The two of us, exhausted from all the running finally caved. Spirits and hopes shattered.

We climbed into one of the train carriages which was not completely tipped over on its side.

We walked down the train aisle, for some reason it felt that the lighting in the carriage was better than what it was outside, the cold however, was no different.

The seats felt cold, they also had a thick  layer of dust.

The two of us found ourselves a seat and sat down. We huddled close in order to stay warm knowing we didn’t have much time left as we’re unable to get away.

I remember her lips trembling and her voice stuttering as she muttered.. “It shouldn’t be like this.. not like this.. “

I remember I tried to stay strong for us, but deep inside I knew she was right.. somewhere we lost our way, where? when? how? 

.. not like this.


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