Bom Caffe – Eastwood.

Here is to living up to my “take more photos” goal for 2012!

Last year when a few of us finished University / started working we wondered how we could keep in touch. Then came the day that I moved away from Cherrybrook so we had to start thinking a bit more seriously (well at least I did!).

One week Hans and Chumpy told me about this new (at the time) cafe which opened in Eastwood. So after going we decided to try keep it weekly if nothing else is on.

We also tried to keep a “photo book”, this reminded me of the How I Met Your Mother episode where Marshall would make a video montage of every event they had haha:

*Yes, it’s flipped – due to copyright I think

Anyway, just thought I’d introduce the place a bit since we spent a few of our Saturday nights there last year! Staff probably got to know us a bit well too.

Bom Caffe - 15 Railway Parade, Eastwood NSW 2122

The decor is actually quite interesting – feels kind of clustered but it seems to suit the place well. Something you should know about the place is that almost you see displayed in the shop is pretty much for sale. They have a variety of homewares from “Welcome” / “Toilet” signs to photo frames, paintings, and clocks.

I believe no two tables are the same (wonder if they’re for sale).

Some examples of the products they sell.

They’re open quite late too I believe and the staff are quite friendly. Usually quite good atmosphere to just order something to drink and chat.

With regards to orders.. we normally get:

Coffee + Waffle combo 🙂


Green Tea Latte


The yogurt + fruit smoothie / crushes are also quite nice — don’t have a good photo but =X. Depending on the weather I may get that over a cup of coffee :).

They also serve meals though I’ve never really tried (we usually go after dinner). But I’ve heard their handmade dumplings are quite good, large servings too.

I suppose if you’re ever around the area it’s definitely worth dropping by! Then again, Eastwood’s “Korean side” really only has like 2 cafes :P.

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