Tian Ci Vegetarian Restaurant – West Ryde.

Sooo I’ve had some of my relatives from Taiwan over for the week (and it’s been good!).

My aunty and cousin are vegetarian so when we go out to eat, it’s no surprise we’d end up coming to this place.

I’ve been to this little restaurant along Victoria Rd. about 2 times prior because mum has some vegetarian friends. It’s one of those vegetarian restaurants that also have “fake” meat dishes (yes I know some people disagree with this).

Anyway just thought I’d introduce it a bit..

Kickin' it off with Peking Duck.

I personally don’t mind vegetarian meals sometimes – I feel that they’re less “bloaty”. I’m not really a vegetarian myself but I do see their benefits :P.

But yeah, no problems if I ever get invited etc :)!

Second dish was..

Stir Fry Noodles~

So you can see that they have like the fake-ham etc in there too. Really not too bad.

Umm not sure what's the word for this.. steamed? Hmm..

Had tofu so that’s always a plus πŸ™‚

Fried "Pork"

This one was probably my favourite – the sauce was very good!!

I think this was suppose to be "fish" - not too sure!

That reminds me, the menu is quite interestingly “sectioned” into “meats” haha. They also do Yum Cha for lunch so needless to say they have dumplings and dim sims too.

Spring Rolls!

These were quite lovely too, actually maybe not so much spring rolls because they weren’t like a combination of ingredients inside.

Pork Belly!

It’s amazing how they even emulated the “fat” layer texture.

So for the final dish..

Roasted "duck"

The bottom layer is a small layer of taro – great finishing dish.

I never really had a good look at the menu but from what I’ve heard from mum it seems like the prices are quite decent if not, “fairly cheap”.

Definitely an option to consider if you’re having a vegetarian lunch / dinner for whatever reason!

You can find Tian Ci Vegetarian Restaurant at:

1006 Victoria Rd
West Ryde, NSW 2114
(02) 9874 9197

Park on the street next to it (or in McDonald’s – lol irony)

Bear with me because I’m not a food blogger and I’m not planning to be! Just sharing πŸ™‚

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