Dragging My Feet.

Well perhaps not as dramatic as the title but I’ve definitely been very tired lately. It’s been over a month since I’ve posted anything.

To be fair I have been trying! But it’s been hard because:

  1. There’s not much to talk about (well that’s a bit of a lie, the NBA trade deadline + dramas etc etc, but I’ll save it :))
  2. Been very tired 😦

I don’t mind my daily life being a bit routine every now and then but I need to work out a way to keep my energy up and still somehow squeeze in enough sleep + go out and DO STUFF.

Maybe I just need a holiday.. I just need to start planning it now that I’ve told my manager! But I’m so lazy to start planning that hahaha..

March was a relatively good month but so I can’t really complain – I don’t like to anyway.

So I’ve set myself a goal on http://goodreads.com to read 20 books in 2012. So far I’ve only done 3/20 although that should be “4” soon, hopefully! I’ve also had my badminton passion rekindled as well as continuing to play basketball. Oh, and rehab’ing the knee of course.

Anxious as to how April will be. Maybe I should start setting some monthly goals, good time to reflect on the last month and perhaps decide what I want to do more / less next month (more fun / less work jkjk!).

Until next month then perhaps (remember day light savings :))!

Mum has a very funny, “liminal” way of asking me if I’m OK — “What’s up? Did you get rejected?!” Yet it somehow always manages to make me smile.


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