NBA 2012 Playoffs – Predictions

The post season is finally upon us!

Considering we weren’t even sure if there was going to be a season, it has really turned out to be a really great season!

A lot of upsetting injuries.. surprise trades.. and a good dose of player break-outs

There was no shortage of Blake Griffin highlights either of course.

So, where does this leave us? Well, it leaves me with 1 day to put down my predictions due to the short season!

Round 1 Brackets

Let’s start with the West:

  • San Antonio [1] v Utah [8] -> San Antonio wins 4-1 (they better.. seeing that they’re all healthy this year..)
  • Memphis [4] v Los Angeles C [5] -> Los Angeles C wins 4-3 (I reckon this will be the first round match-up to check out, should be close.. hopefully!)
  • Los Angeles L [3] v Denver [6] -> Los Angeles L wins 4-2 (makes me sad because I want Denver to go through.. but it’s so hard to say because Kobe usually goes nuts during post season)
  • Oklahoma City [2] v Dallas [7] -> Oklahoma City wins 4-2 (they’re looking so strong this year, seriously)

Now the East:

  • Chicago [1] v Philadelphia [8] -> Chicago wins 4-1 (Philly have been slumping a bit, just scraping thru’, Bulls are well.. Bulls :))
  • Boston [4] v Atlanta [5] -> Boston wins 4-2 (Giving this one to Boston because I reckon they have enough fuel left in the tank for one legitimate run)
  • Indiana [3] v Orlando [6] -> Indiana wins 4-1 (Orlando was 3rd up until what.. 2nd half of the season? Then it spiraled downwards, THEN they lost Dwight.. well.. perhaps even a sweep?)
  • Miami [2] v New York [7] -> Miami wins 4-2 (Unless LBJ chokes hard.. every game.. a lot of carrying required for Melo and STAT :(, but I rather New York go through!!)

Starts tomorrow.. can’t wait!

Let’s go Chicago!

2012 is your year!


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