I’m hoping it’ll never get to that point.. but at this rate it’s really hard to say.

Last billing month I clocked around an average 45 hour week but this month I’m looking to burst the 50 mark. The funny thing is I never really think much about it at the time or feel the effects of it at the time either.

But it starts taking a toll on me when I can’t even recover using my weekend sleeps.. there’s just not enough hours anymore.

I suppose it’s just feeding on my hard-to-say-no nature, which is definitely something I need to fix.. that is definitely going on the list of improvements haha.

It’s even worse this week!

Hopefully it won’t get so bad that I spend half the day writing up To-Do lists haha, touch wood touch wood!

But it’s a learning process I think. I find myself coming home, having dinner, going to gym / badminton / basketball and…… logging back onto work. I’m always worried that I forgot something. Ironically Mondays tend to be the times I’m less worried since email activity seems to be less on Mondays. But unfortunately Fridays and Saturdays are not like that!

(Hah, Ben just accused me of working :P).

But yeah I did promise myself I’d worry less this year and live more. Hey, at least I’ve been putting a lot of effort in getting and staying fit!

One at a time I guess.

I’ll need to learn to be more assertive too at this rate haha. I’m a bit worried worried about June because so many people are going on leave :(.

In other news, as mum has been bugging me for awhile now (gee, she’s like a child sometimes! :P) for an iPad (which I’ve been poorly brushing off with 1. “You won’t know how to use it!” 2. “You won’t even use it!”). But let’s face it, if it’s something mum really wants I know I’ll eventually get it to her.

So as Mother’s Day is coming up, here you go 🙂

Please don’t break it!

Now to decide where to eat on the coming weekend..

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