Drip Coffee.

Apparently the Costco in Taiwan sells these instant “drip coffees” which has actual coffee grounds.

I’ve tried these a few times already and it’s actually pretty decent. When I’m having coffee at home I’m usually too lazy to add milk and all.

Kind of a double-blog post, gasp!

Comes in a packet like this. I had the Blue Mountain one, this is Special Blend.

Anyway just a quick picture spam because I’m a bit lazy to type πŸ™‚

So after you open you get a packet like this, rip it open and pull flaps..!

The design is actually quite cool, must of had a fair bit of thought put into it!

Note how the flaps fit around a mug / cup? So cool.

Just add water thru the hole and make sure you don’t overfill it or you’ll get some sandy coffee haha – mm crunchy.

Bad lighting – uh oh, E might say something!

I’ll take one without it..

And so we’ll throw a friand in there too πŸ™‚

Ok~ Out~!


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