Mum’s Day ’12.

Well tomorrow anyway (13-May) – who forgot?!

Rather, who thought it was last week? Apparently a lot of people got mixed up for some reason. I hear from a few people that they don’t really “believe” in Mother’s Day because they feel like it’s just a consumerism scheme to get people to spend money like Valentine’s Day and what not. But I’ll leave the economists to explain why that could possibly be a good thing for economy etc.

Personally I’m a bit indifferent (at least for now haha). Mother’s Day though I think is a quite important. I that think sometimes with our day to day lives and with how busy that gets us, we tend to forget some of the important things in our lives!

So it’s a good chance to slow things down a bit and reflect on these things :). So how are you planning to spend Mother’s Day 2012?

Always a good start to a day, especially a weekend!

So we spent Mother’s Day 2012 earlier this year (today) at mum’s apparent favourite cafe / restaurant lately for some reason – The Coffee Club. Just a quick quiet meal which is always nice.

Chicken & Avocado Wraps~

Actually I got to say, one of things I like about The Coffee Club (apart from the nice food and coffee) is that they have all day breakfast and dining. One of the cafes I like near my place; The Coffee Warehouse has really good coffee and food too but they have set menu times; small things :P.

Pancakes – look at all that cream! So not a dash.

You know how sometimes you wake up on a weekend, you’ve had a long week.. and what do you feel like? A satisfying breakfast!


Once again, thank you mum for always supporting me and my decisions in life. But also putting up with my stress and worries during the tough times! Oh, and never complaining πŸ™‚

Happy Mother’s Day!

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