Stacked Week (Month) in Review.

I think the magic numbers have been: 52, 49, 49, and 43.

I found out that this month’s billing will be 5 weeks so let’s see how I do for hours in this last week. Hopefully 37.5 (I know I promised.. well forced-promised(:P)).

A lot has happened last week actually (let’s count Sunday too because to me the week feels like it starts on Monday because of work ¬____¬) so I thought I’d rave on and on about it because I’ve been getting some subtle hints that I don’t blog enough.

But before that!

Farrrrr out! Hans, you need to come back HOME.

“Christian R” must be like smashing work on weekends or something, I’m there in the office every day! Sense makes not!

Definitely been missing Bom’s and Mi Rac a bit (though I did get to go back on Saturday so that was cool!).

How to structure this.. lowlights and highlights perhaps?


1. Japan broke – OK let me elaborate, Thursday was “phase 1” implementation of something “small” I was working on for Japan. But for some reason it wasn’t working.. so I spent hours (14 hours and 12 hours) on Thursday and Friday trying to work out what the heck happened.. turns out it wasn’t me, but I only found that out Saturday morning (phew).

Pretty much how I felt, minus the fault haha!

2. Bye for Basketball – I generally find Thursdays to be the worst of the working day because you just got over hump day but it’s not Friday. We normally have a basketball game during lunch which helps speeds the day up and keeps me awake. But this week we had no-game (bye).. ’nuff said.

Pretty much..

3. No Wednesday Badminton – similar to the above really. Normally something to look forward to after work on Wednesdays but the hall was being used by the school. So what did I do instead? More work!

4. Very sleep deprived 😦 – hopefully not for long! Had a bit of a headache on Saturday but that went away after awhile luckily.

5. Not enough time to play Diablo 3! It came out on Tuesday and I was quite excited to finally get my hands on what I believe will be a piece of history! But yeah it’s been so crazy that I haven’t had much time to touch it at all. People like WING and JAMES like in Act III already, people like JC who have finished and half way through Nightmare.. people like Jasmine who was behind me on Saturday night and was ahead of me by Sunday night! Or like the Koreans.. finished in 5 hours. Magic numbers are 37 and 3003.

Wait for it..

It’s like a true love story.

Shut down!

OK so onto the silver-lining..


1. Had a pretty nice basketball session on Tuesday! It’s been awhile.. for the last few weeks I’ve been building houses with all the bricks have been throwing up at basketball.

Gahhh, yeah pretty much that feeling.

2. I finally got to watch The Avengers! (and enjoyed it!) 😀


Speaking of which – Hulk was hilarious.

3. Tried Honey Toast (and will be trying it more often at this rate – probably a bad thing haha)

Mm tasty 🙂

First time @ ZenQ too, no idea it was Taiwanese!

4. Diablo 3 was released – yes it is indeed a big deal 🙂

Hmm 5 v 4.. well close enough. I mean the overall week was pretty stacked but unfortunately stacked with work. Hopefully this week gets a bit better. I’m seriously trying to aim for a 37.5 hr week! Really!

Shall finish this up – good enough for a post? Or just image spam? Anyway.. closing notes..

Money is on OKC or San Antonio to take the championships this year 🙂

..still crying about the Bulls 😦

Ninja Edit!

5. Just got back from the gym and remembered that last Tuesday was my 52nd week in a row at the gym! Which means I did not miss a week all year when I started my membership in May ’11. I remember saying to myself that I’ll start looking after myself and my body a bit better (as Smit would say – you have to treat your body like a temple!). 52 weeks roughly translates to about 10kgs lost and fitness up. Hopefully more than 10kgs because I’m hoping there’s some muscle gain there – but the weight loss is priority at the moment! It’s definitely been helping basketball and badminton 🙂

Yay on fire!


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