Keeping the Chin Up.

Been debating with myself the idea of writing something up today because it’s actually been quite awhile since I’ve posted something and to be honest my mind has just been filled with work this work that.

It’s getting a bit bad and the remaining energy I have is spent unfortunately trying to keep spirits and motivation up – which has proven to not be such a great approach! I think I really need to look for a personal hobby of some sort.

Maybe I should re-open Photoshop.. Illustrator.. or actually the cooking I’ve been saying to myself I’ve been wanting to learn!

To be fair I though, I have done more this year and last than previous years – definitely a lot of new experiences which has been great, such as taking a Barista course :D.

I started to notice today that when my motivation is already down and I am super tired.. all that’s left is work and de-motivation haha. Probably a work in progress though! No one said it was easy after all!

So I’ll keep it short to prevent it from becoming a QQ post.

Quick highlights of the last few weeks!

Pie Face ๐Ÿ™‚

Tried Pie Face for the first time – I’ve been meaning to but I don’t know why I’ve never gotten around to doing so. My colleague screamed at me and told me how bad it was and that I should never eat it again – doubt that’ll stop me!

Winter is coming hereย so that means the hotpots should be firing up! Was great to see everyone and catch up ๐Ÿ™‚ bunch of leftovers that I need to kind of work out how to finish haha.

It’s all purple and stuff.

It’s actually been ages since I’ve last jarred my finger at basketball. I’m quite lucky that it was my left hand and not the right hand (dominant). But I noticed that I’m having trouble unlocking my phone because I normally put my phone in the left pocket :(. Oh well, the things we take for granted right? ๐Ÿ˜› Even serving in badminton was a bit of a challenge because we normally pinch the shuttle between the thumb+middle & thumb. Hnnnnggg!!

Not a fair “highlight” I suppose – I need to take more photos, just threw whatever I had up there! Haha.

Signed up to City2Surf again, last year I ran it for the first time and clocked a time of 96 minutes and 44 seconds – so this year’s challenge is to try get it under 90, though perhaps I should aim for under 85! Then go to badminton after. We’ll see.

But before the City2Surf is the City Mile Dash! So near work is the Barangaroo walk.. I didn’t realise it gets converted into a 1.6km sprint every year to raise money forย the Cancer Council NSW.

City Mile Dash

The fastest time last year in my age bracket was 4minutes and 52seconds.. for 1.6km?! I heard a fit person should be clocking 1km in 6minutes – what is this, I don’t even.

Well let’s hope I get under or SLIGHTLY over 10minutes.. oh, sponsor me if you’d like ๐Ÿ˜€ good cause!

June officially starts in 1 hour – a very nervous time at work for me but I hope I’ll get through it smoothly. Baby steps!


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