Cafe Passport ’12 – Entry 3

Double post! Well that’s OK, this one is a Cafe :).

This one is one I went to on Friday but because it was so good I had to bring E here again ASAP (well and since it’s pretty close). So here we go! Entry number 3 in this year’s passport (good progress so far!!):

Once again.. I’ll try talking a bit about it.

Located along Concord’s main “food street” – Majors Bay Road the first time I visited the street I noticed this particular corner was bustling with a lot of people. I said to my brother at the time that I definitely got to come try it some time. With a tagline like “Botique Coffee Roasters, Glorious Food” how could you not want to try it?!

So I actually went on Friday with family to have dinner as part of my early-birthday dinner. The food there (we ordered the seafood platter and pasta) was very good for dinner. But unfortunately I did not get a chance on Friday to try the pizza. Glad I went back yesterday and tried it! Definitely have to go try the other ones and types now!

Coffee they roast by themselves and it gives the whole atmosphere a nice warm feel coupled with a lovely aroma :). Definitely earned E’s stamp of approval or thumbs up, whichever you prefer!

Here are some (inferior) photos from Friday:

Mm fresh too!

Great fettuccine 😀


Copy-friend address:
43 Majors Bay Road
Concord, NSW 2137

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