Lazy Man’s Oyakodon

I love food, who doesn’t. But I can’t exactly say I love cooking it as much as I love eating it. However I think it’s always nice to have a few go-to recipes up your sleeve if you ever need it.

For me these would namely be:

  1. (Red) Pasta with beef
  2. Bangers ‘n mash (:P)
  3. Oyakodon

Oyakodon in Sydney is usually priced at around $10 a bowl. It’s funny because once Queen B made a comment about it (as its main ingredients are chicken and egg) – “It’s like throwing in the mother and the child!” Doing a quick search online would tell you that a literal translation of Oyakodon gives you: parent-and-child donburi.

Mm 🙂

So anyway I’ll just do a quick run through of how this is made; really doesn’t take much time.

You’ll need something like (say for 1 serving – I made for 3 in this instance):

  • 1xOnion (white)
  • 1xChicken thigh piece
  • 1xEgg
  • Teaspoon of dashi stock (if it’s powdered anyway)
  • Tablespoon of rice wine (for the chicken)
  • Tablespoon of soy sauce (or maybe 2)
  • Teaspoon of brown sugar (or maybe a bit more)
  • Half cup of water (about that much anyway – NOT soup-level)

So slice up your chicken (soak it in a bit of rice wine) into pieces and slice up your onions nicely.

Chop chop

Any would do..

Add water to your pan and turn to low-heat.

Remember this was for 3.

Ermm.. so once water starts heating up (shouldn’t really “boil” like bubbling).. start adding the dashi. So if you have like liquid dashi stock then you won’t need as much water etc.

“Powder” version

Then the soy sauce.. if you have a strong salty soy sauce obviously don’t add as much. The oyakodon base is usually a bit “sweet” more sweet than it is salty anyway!

I think this was slightly sweet.

Then the brown sugar!

Mm sugar..

So at this point make sure you are mixing as you’re adding (i.e. spreading the dashi / soy sauce / sugar evenly around the pan), stop and take a sip to see how it is – add more accordingly (usually it’s the sugar or dashi).

Then throw your chicken in, yeah throw it.

Make sure you don’t clump it in 1 place..

Wait a bit then put in the onions, guess you can turn up the heat a bit too.

Spread it out and break it up a bit if you can.

While you’re waiting, you can start cracking and mixing the eggs. Generally 1 egg per person, so I had 3..

Mm eggs..

Then whisk / mix whatever.

Aw the yolks 😦

When the chicken is almost done (important!) you can throw in the eggs evenly.

Now you wait.

Just wait a bit until the chicken is all done really. Then serve on rice, garnish with spring onions and seaweed if you have. Else if you don’t just eat it.


Pretty simple and fast, but I need to have a think about the eggs, maybe I should use more so I can get a more.. “blanket” type egg. Mm eggs..


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