Cafe Passport ’12 – Entry 4

The adventure continues!

This one is a bit photo-heavy but that’s OK! Pity, so many good ones to choose from, but E does a great job cutting it down for me 🙂 (thanks again!).

And.. text!

A lot of the Korean cafes I know of are quite unique. Unique in the sense that they tend to add their own little “twist” to the cafe to compliment it. For example, My Sweet Memory is a cafe with stationery for sale, Caffe Bom is a cafe that also sells home decor (everything in there has a price tag on it!), and just up the street from Caffe Bom is a cozy tucked away cafe called Pishon.

As soon as you step in you will notice that the interior is quite a contrast to Rowe Street. They even have a little “balcony” for 2×2 people tables. It’s actually quite a nice wooden decor – noticed a few Korean cafes use wooden interiors too (theme?).

So this Korean cafe compliments itself with its own bread, cake & cookie bakery. A lot of the customers that visit are actually here just to buy bread, like my friend whom we bumped into (speaking of which, E brought a bunch of bread there too.. need to ask if they were good – want one of those twisty cinnamon donuts now ><).

This is just the counter-side.

I suppose it would be worth catching them in the morning or whenever they freshly start baking! The staff there are actually quite friendly too actually, in fact when we were just chatting after we finished our dessert and coffee the manager (ahjuma!) actually came out to offer all the customers there at the time some new bread they were testing!

Filling was Mocha 🙂 good!

But I wonder if they only do the different latte arts on the Green Tea Lattes hmm.. But yeah, not a bad place to stop by especially if you just finished your dinner / lunch at Mi Rac or Jonga Jip (Eastwood)!

Note that the main is Eastwood and the newer branch is in Strathfield.


Map – Eastwood:
Copy-friend address:
77 Rowe Street
Eastwood NSW 2122
Map – Strathfield:
Copy-friend address:
27/45-47 The Boulevarde
Strathfield NSW 2135

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