Cafe Passport ’12 – Entry 5

I have been looking forward to this one because E has said good things about it and also because I haven’t had a cafe-breakfast in a long time!

So we rocked up a little before 10AM on a Sunday morning which was pretty good timing because it started to pack up soon after. The location surprised me a bit (for those who know Castle Towers, it’s right next to The Games Workshop) – I never knew about this place or what it was before it became The Baron.

It’s a pretty funky little place which I’m quite curious how it transform between breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner since it seems to covers all day!

Easy this time, E filtered it out beautifully for me  and took some real nice photos 🙂

Soo.. what to say hmm, it had some very interesting decor, such as trunks (chests) for tables and high wooden tables with stools along with some window-side seats. Lucky for the location the natural lighting is actually really good in the morning! Further back in the place it looked a bit dark though, but we were near the windows.

We sat ourselves down and the friendly waitress staff asked us if we’d like to start with some coffee – so we did that first. Then we had a look through the menu which had some very interesting names and combinations! For example, 2 particular items that stuck out on the menu were literally called “No. 1” and “No. 2” – which is what I ordered. The waitress then came back to introduce us to the special of the day, which is what E ended up getting.

I’ve never really had food served on like a “bread board” before but it does seem to present quite nicely. It seems like the sourdough they serve with a lot of the breakfasts is freshly baked and possibly by them (hence the bread boards perhaps?!) — very tasty :).

Apparently E’s bread was like drenched in maple syrup which I think she quite appreciated haha.

Coffee was good but I have no idea what the chalkboard outside means! Mm feel like coffee now..



Copy-friend address:
Shop 461/Castle Towers Shopping Centre Old Castle Hill Road
Castle Hill NSW 2154
I was thinking about making a “diary” entry for ATL Maranath in Ultimo (thanks Pat!) which was visited after badminton. It was a place I’ve been quite intrigued about because it has some deep fried Indonesian chicken (Nasi Ayum) but the special thing about it is that.. the bone – yep, the bone – becomes so soft that it’s edible. Like.. it’s not even crunchy, it’s just.. soft and edible! It’s a little shop tucked away in a little alley located on: 96/732 Harris St, Ultimo, NSW 2007.
But I don’t want to let the photos go to waste so.. from E:

The standard!

With Salted Egg 😀

With Mild (so glad it was) Sambal

Gado Gado which.. I’m not exactly sure what it was, but it was really nice!

If the photos weren’t convincing enough, it was actually a pretty good place to check it out. If anything you should just go check it out for the fact that the bones are edible – still can’t get over that.

We need to go try out the fried duck next time and probably the durian cheesecake (the Indonesian style with grated cheddar!).

So that concludes entry 5! Until next time! Which will be quite a contrast to The Baron I reckon.


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