Cafe Passport ’12 – Entry 6

A few weeks ago (maybe a month now? No.. should be just a few weeks) E informed me that a new cafe was opening up in “local” Pennant Hills – I’ll always have a place in my heart for The Hills District! So naturally once she told me it was opened we put it on the list.

The place was “Java Lava”, after some research I found out that it was a chain but hey, the promise of breakfast is good enough for me (been ages since I’ve had brekky @ a cafe).

And some complimentary text~~

You know just all in all I quite enjoyed the place, nothing really bad I can say – except maybe that the staff didn’t know what roast of coffee beans they used!

I don’t even remember what the place was before Java Lava opened up. But it was quite nicely decorated, wooden too – really starting to dig this wooden interior decor! Great natural lighting too and they even have an outdoor seating area.

No problems with the coffee :), too bad they didn’t do any latte art though! Mm mug-sized.

Food was good, I learnt that E tests the cafe’s food by ordering poached eggs to see how well they cook and prepare it. Well this cafe definitely got her pass. Makes me wonder what bad poached eggs taste / look like? I usually get scrambled.. ^^ classy.

The caramel cheesetart (not cake, tart!) was good! Maybe I should’ve saved some coffee for it but that’s OK! Usually don’t have desserts in the morning but why not? Looked good, tasted good so no complaints.

Wonder what their subs are like.. looking through the menu they seemed quite tasty! Next time perhaps.


Copy-friend address:
1 Hillcrest Road
Pennant Hills, NSW 2120
Another one ticked off the (growing) list! Feel like another cafe brekky now.. damn!

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