Cafe Passport ’12 – Entry 8

As mentioned, here is the 2nd of the 2 entries for the 8th of July (talk about efficiency! 2 knocked out from the list in a day!).

I even kept the page consistencies :).

We traveled a bit further for this one – off we went to Newtown, gosh I haven’t visited Newtown for awhile (think the last time was for Hans’ 21st!). A lot of the cafes and restaurants on the lists are actually in Newtown and Surry Hills, hmm better start mapping and planning a bit!

Thinking back now we probably should have ordered more pizzas hmm.. no I think I’m just craving pizza haha.

So I guess E (indirectly) returned the favour as Ice + Slice (what a cool name) was suggested by her – apparently one of her favourites during Uni days (does that make it seem like it was awhile ago? Do you remember when you graduated? :P). So it’s Ice + Slice because it’s a cafe / restaurant that is a combination of a Gelateria and a Pizzeria – first I’ve heard of! Spoiler alert, both the gelato and pizza were great!

Oh should mention that their gelato is homemade too.

What’s nice about Ice + Slice is that it’s opened quite late everyday. Which works out nicely for us because I noticed a lot of the places on our list seem to close early on Sundays :/ still thinking how to tackle them down the track.

Needless to say it was quite empty at 4pm on a Sunday afternoon haha. But hey, just means the food will come faster! The justification around the Surf and Turf pizza selection was that it seemed to have all the (important) ingredients – haha fair enough. I was curious as to what that would look like because the only Surf and Turf I’ve really every come across was in the form of Steak + Prawns. Imagine that, slab of steak + prawns on a pizza.

Our dear guest Sally picked the dessert – the waffle with vanilla gelato & cream (good choice!) in which we added another scoop of their tiramisu gelato. The tiramisu gelato is definitely worth trying – so I suppose if you’re just walking down King Street and feel like ice cream of some sort, this would definitely be something you should consider!


Copy-friend address:
135 King Street
Newtown, NSW 2042
Both entries done! Now I better sleep, uh oh..

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