Cafe Passport ’12 – Entry 9

Entry number 9! Totally blitzing somebody (jkjk! :P). Back to the old neighbourhood (kind of) for this one – Epping.

Epping has kind of been a pivotal point for me growing up, more so to do with commuting. But now that I think about it, I’ve spent a lot of time going pass Epping (towards Eastwood, the city, Uni, or even work). I’ve also spent a lot of time stopping at Epping to catch an intercity train (express) to the City. I’ve been to a few restaurants there.. total number I could probably count with 1 hand – though there is a Korean fried chicken place I want to try some time. But the point is, I never really spent much time there considering it’s place I go past very often (then again Eastwood was so close, why would I stop at Epping? :P).

Even this time – we only discovered Pablo and Rusty’s because I had to come pick up E and it so happened to be located directly across the station (wonder what was there before? Was it always there?! Gasp!).

And so we decided to set a date to visit as we had to get some other stuff nearby (Eastwood) – badminton shoes! *___*

And here comes some well thought-out text deep from the heart!

Sorry about the lack of photos put on the page.. I’ll add some other ones I missed later. I didn’t quite think the layout properly this time, yeah good one Ben.

Good one!

Pablo and Rusty’s (love the name) is a cozy (really doesn’t fit too many people! At least in Epping) little cafe with a semi (floor) wooden interior and red (painted) brick walls – I know, right? :). Apparently the first cafe opened in Gordon 5 years ago but that was a bit of a drive for us. Then again I read somewhere that the Gordon location has no food, just coffee. Sunday morning brunches are always a good way to kick-off the last weekend don’t you think?

The store layout is quite peculiar, it’s got a massive glass pane entrance which has great natural lighting (probably should have sat there.. it was cold OK?!) some seating and in the middle of the cafe are the baristas and counters on the left, accompanied on the right by a small kitchen. This leaves you with the middle “corridor” to walk through :O. No biggy, just thought it was interesting.

Apparently the menu was “upgraded” lately – I have a feeling all they had before was some pastries like croissants and danishes (which we NEED to try next time). We were pretty happy with our choices of food though! The staff are quite friendly and the service is good too. Just feels like a really chilled place in general.

Coffee was great too – piccolo latte and flat white:

Mmmm.. sniff sniff.

Ever wondered what you would use as organic sugar?

Organic “Panela” – dried cane sugar juice

Slight pity that neither E or myself add sugar into our coffees. Oh right, they also had some really funky teapots that tempted E to order tea instead, maybe if it wasn’t the morning?

So next time you missed your (transfer / connecting) train, don’t worry, relax, go grab yourself a coffee and maybe a danish. Well.. unless you’re late for an exam or something :).


Copy-friend address:
42 Langston Place
Epping, NSW 2121
Next one pushes us into double digits! Woo!

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