Cafe Passport ’12 – Entry 10

Double digits! Woohoo! Well E reckons some previous entries (e.g. Lantern) technically don’t count but I say we should keep track of all the lovely coffee AND foods we come across in 2012 anyway! That.. or I just don’t want to go back and re-edit everything ^________^”.

Keeping this week slightly more local (for me :P) – Burwood. I have been to Burwood Westfield a few times for movies but never really for food. I visited the food court once when I had to wait for a badminton shop to open.. but that doesn’t really count. It’s a bit tough hanging out in Burwood Westfield because there’s a lot of shops that I could find myself getting sucked into.. ahem.. HYPE DC.

Anyway we were shooting for Annandale but I wasn’t too confident with getting there and back in time so we played it safe. I found this place via BeanHunter – which is quite a cool site.. think.. GoodReads but for Coffee / Cafes! This one was on the ground floor, right at the entrance of Westfield via Burwood Road, so it has the window panels! Storefront so you’d imagine it should be doing pretty well for itself; prime location!



Mm getting hungry thinking about it again.. gosh I love breakfast on weekends.

More like brunch really. The joys of waking up late and having a chilled brunch, so great! Notice I managed to get 6 photos on the page this time? Woohoo! Improvement from last one!! Gotta say, the manager looked pretty Boss – not someone you’d like to piss off haha.

Bello is listed as a cafe but at the same time a cocktail lounge.. I can see that they serve alcohol but I never would have imagined the Westfield opening that late :O. Interesting.. ah well not really something I’m into anyway! Wonder if the transformation from day->night is like Baron @ Castle Towers?

I’m still kicking myself that I forgot to check what roast of beans they use! Damn, I can’t believe it totally slipped my mind. BeanHunter doesn’t have it either 😦 Maybe it’s super secretive, yeah let’s go with that.

Who has ever had pizza and scones for breakfast? What a combination! Haha glad the waitress didn’t say anything about it, especially with all the other tables just having regular breakfast! I quite liked how spacious the cafe was; a slight change to the other ones (minus Java Lava & Cafe Warehouse). Staff were friendly and service was good. Not much to complain about really, oh, maybe just that they didn’t do latte art haha.

Pizza was good though! Never had Rocket Pizza so it was definitely good to try. Kind of felt like salad on a pizza; not use to having moving toppings on a pizza! Should be secured down by cheese! I’ll definitely try find time to visit again.. need to find out the blend / roast afterall!!


Copy-friend address:
Burwood Westfield Shop 172, 100 Burwood Road
Burwood, NSW 2200
Annandale, you are next!

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