Cafe Passport ’12 – Entry 11

Surry Hills! We finally made it! We finally found the time to make the trek to Surry Hills!

Pause for a sec -=> a quick shout-out for my brother: HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALBERT!

I have always considered Surry Hills to be one of the most cafe-populated places in Sydney, but unfortunately I have never got to visit much! I envy those who get to work in Surry Hills or near it – some really great places and hidden gems.

Today’s feature would have probably been considered a hidden gem as it’s very much tucked away (easily missed!) but with great reviews from community review sites such as Yelp! it can’t really be considered that hidden anymore.

Poor E, she learnt the hard way that she should read cafe / restaurant reviews more thoroughly – well you did a good job on this one so at least you didn’t make the same mistake 😀 even got rewarded by having a cute little visiting~ who only barked at the deliveryman (how cliche is that?!) – oh right, the little doggy’s tail would bounce up as it barked away 😛

Oh right.. haven’t even mentioned the cafe’s name yet: Robocog! Strange right? Sounds like Robocop.

Look at that robot shaking due to how great the coffee is!

Actually you know what else is pretty good about Surry Hills? It actually has free street parking, timed, but hey, at least it’s not $20+/hr. 1 hour was plenty for this visit!

It’s quite interesting because there are 2 large signs outside on their picket fence that apologises for only being able to seat 20 patrons at one time due to Council regulations. I can imagine there would normally be a line during  peak times (we went around 3:55pm – kitchen closes at 4:00pm, just squeezed it! Cafe closes at 5:00pm). The staff was very friendly and it was really nice of them to still let us order food (I’m sorry :().

The coffees were very well done and you can see from the photos that the milk was done exceptionally well. Kept it very leveled, how fitting for a Flat White!

Along with the great reviews of the staff, ambiance, environment and coffee was the repeated mention of this “Breakfast Burrito”. Just because there was so much rave and hype about it we ordered it. So glad we did because it definitely lived up to what reviewers were saying about it!

There is so much more on the menu that I didn’t even get to glance at because I wasn’t particularly hungry at the time and the kitchen was closing (and E’s eyes pretty much targeted the burrito :P, jk!). Although we managed to ask for the blend this time.. there was something I really should have asked why the robot theme. Why Robocog and all the robot figurines and paintings.. got me all curious now! Perhaps I’ll ask them next time.



Copy-friend address:

249 Riley Street
Surry Hills, NSW 2010

Looking forward to tomorrow today – Annandale here we come!


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