Cafe Passport ’12 – Entry 12

As I mentioned in the last entry, today we dropped by Annandale to cross off the first Annandale cafe off the list. It took us awhile to get there but we finally made it! I was generally a bit concerned because I have never been to Annandale before and I wasn’t sure the time required to get there and back for badminton, especially on the dreaded Parramatta Road.

So there are two currently on the list but Annandale feels like a place that would have quite a few cafes. So for now there are two, one which we promised Sally we’d visit with her so.. promises are promises :P!

The first one we crossed off the list today was The Little Marionette (on the ‘dale – because Balmain has one too, apparently that store has all the hot guys? Meh, no loss for me!):

It’s actually very easy to get to – just off Parramatta Road. However it will be road-side parking, but there is plenty of it, free too (except I almost got my car stuck.. NOT important for this post :)).

Keep your eyes peeled when you’re driving down Trafalgar Street though because this little corner (literally) cafe has no signage or anything on its exterior that makes it stand out. In fact I’m pretty sure properties next to it are just residential houses. Being the slightly paranoid person I am.. I made sure I Google Street View’d the hell out of it the night before haha.

It’s pretty hard to get a seat because there’s not a lot and it’s also quite popular but we were quite lucky that we managed to get a table. The interior is nothing like the exterior though, wooden interior with wooden flooring  and counters. Interesting that they write the coffee orders on pieces of tiles – actually reminded me a fair bit of Black Star.

I have said a lot of the cafes we visited are small but man this one was almost bringing it to another level. Especially seeing the 4 staff cramped behind the small counter haha. Personally I found the coffee alright, I know E felt it was a bit burnt, although it was probably just the way they roasted or a stronger bean. Perhaps we’ll go to Balmain and try out the main shop some time.

Food was alright too, nothing too special but then again perhaps we should have gotten the Black Star specials such as the lamb shank pie (bet it was sold out though, hmph).

Or maybe it was just the high regards that reviewers were giving this place? Either way I’m sure we’ll visit again, if not, at least we’ll try the Balmain one. I am kind of curious how the Balmain is decorated now.. seriously, this is the first time I have seen a revolving bookcase. It’s like one of those secret rooms! Oh and it also had a Pinocchio marionette dangling off the counter :P.

If you’re in the area, or perhaps just half way to the city and need a quick pick-me-up from the Parramatta Road traffic, turn left into Trafalgar Street and grab yourself a shot of coffee to keep you going! The pastries also look delicious :).



Copy-friend address:

18a Trafalgar Street
Annandale, NSW 2038

Oops, was about to finish up this post.. almost forgot about post-badminton! Eek! We decided to drop by Harry’s Cafe de Wheels (est. 1945!? wow) along Parramatta Road on the way back from badminton. Apparently the pies and hot dogs there are great sober-up / post-drinking food haha.

You know, if relatives come to Australia or family friends from Taiwan in general, I would always try to get their hands on a meat pie. Simply because it’s really one of the few things you can get here only!

Always good for meat pies 😀 I don’t care how they’re made! They’re tasty :(.

I won’t talk too much about it because I’m not going to include it as a cafe passport entry (don’t want to get told off again – just kidding, just a bit lazy ^^”), but because I’m not.. I know E will talk about it, so I’ll leave this one for her to talk about! So I’ll just borrow one photo for now!

“Tiger” – wonder why it’s called that?

Actually now that I think about it – we’ve actually got another Annandale visit lined up for next week! Looking forward to it!


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