Cafe Passport ’12 – Entry 13

Wow it’s going to be like a triple post! We’ve done (ate) a fair bit this weekend which is quite nice!

I might have to pause between posts though because I am still trying to catch some of the Olympic Badminton Men’s finals – been quite exciting so far.

So anyway, E has been continuing her pretty-good streak of cafe selections with this one – Gnome Cafe @ Surry Hills on Crown Street. I have driven passed Crown Street a fair few times actually because it use to be on the way to University but I have never really stopped by it. I do remember going to one of the bars there once and then running down the hill to catch a train.. with a cupcake in my hand (remember that Angie?!).

Here we go! One of 3!

Daaaaaamn Lee Chong Wei v Lin Dan – missed the first set! PAUSE time!

OK, 2 minutes during the set break to type this one out.

So I think E found this one on Yelp again – really been quite a good site for us 🙂 But let’s not cut away too much credit from her.

As I said – I parked quite far away, it’s hard when you have such a long street and you’re not too sure where you’ll end up! Crown Street is just so alive in Surry Hills. There just always seems to be so much going on. Along our walk towards Gnome Cafe we managed to spot out a few other cafes and restaurants that we wanted to visit such as Bills and The Maltese Cafe.

Sally got there early (well, we got there late, SORRY!) and grabbed us a table, lucky because it was so packed that a lot of the customers were having their coffee outside on the sidewalk and road!

We still had to go to badminton afterwards so we didn’t eat too much. But everything lived up to expectations and was really quite nice. The coffee was good and the food was good too. Felt like a lazy Saturday at one point! Too bad we were in a bit of a rush afterwards haha – maybe got too comfortable! Oh by the way, one of the cheeses was apparently a “blue veined” cheese o.O. Too bad my knowledge of cheese (not appreciation!) is limited to just like.. cheddar.. mozzarella.. swish.. kraft……. =P

Service was great too despite it being so busy. Definitely one of the many locations to check out if you ever find yourself wandering along the heart of Surry Hills.



Copy-friend address:

536 Crown Street
Surry Hills NSW 2010

OK, 2 more to come and I am determined to get them out before I sleep. But first, badminton! C’mon Lee Chong Wei! Hey E, he uses your purple racket with a yellow grip 😉

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